Monday, July 25, 2016

letter from grant - July 25, 2016

Sent: Monday, July 25, 2016 8:15 AM
Subject: Geneva week 5

So Tuesday we went on an exchange with the Gex elders. I went with
elder Bryce, he finishes his mission this next week. It was strange
talking with him about everything. I had dreams all that night of
going home and seeing family. Anywho, the highlight of Tuesday was
going to eat at the Aaragon families house. We showed up and they had
invited two neighbors and some extended family. We played some
basketball with the neighbor boys and had a super Portuguese BBQ
thing. They made some weird popcorn but it was way good! We shared a

spiritual thought by playing the guitar :P I played two sort of up
beat songs and than we all sang a pour way faring man of grief and all
sang together. Music is such a great way to bring the spirit into a
place like that!

We painted some walls for a sister. We painted her white walls white.
I couldn't tell a difference between the coats of paint but she was
just so happy to have them painted. Elder Wade was super sick so he
just slept on the floor in the middle of the room while we painted. It
was pretty funny.

We did transfer recommendations. That took way longer than I thought
it would. It was good though. I hope we helped.

We had a district finding day in annecy. That was great fun! Annecy is
probably the prettiest city I have ever seen. Literally it is just
like the cutest most adorable place. Go look up pictures. It could
easily be the Most photogenic city on the face of the earth.

Ali - he is basically making zero progression. We are stuck waiting to
see if he I going to quit smoking or not. We are just going to have to
keep seeing him and helping him progress.

Serge - Serge we didn't see this week. He Promised again that he was
going to come to church but didn't. We are going to need to change
something to get him there. I was thinking maybe daily contact?

Those seem to be our investigators for the moment. I don't know how
the days flies by so fast. We are just so busy doing stuff. We talk to
a good number of people each day too.

Anywho, have a good week. Peace, love, and eternal Marriage

Avec amour,
Elder Keller

Monday, July 18, 2016

letter from grant - July 18, 2016

So this week was wild. We went to the old part of Geneva for Pday and
looked at some cool old things. Saw the old cathedral and even went
underground where they were excavating.
We had an exchange with some elders and got some good missionary work done.
At the end of Tuesday we had to present in front of the stake leaders.
They were having stake high counsel and we were asked to present on
the missionary work that's happening in the stake. It was super scary
but we talked about some important things that need to get sorted out.
Later that week we had zone finding day which was a blast! We all
exchanged companions for four hours and just went out to different
parts of Geneva and tried to find as many people as possible. It was
fairly effective. Some teams we found playing chess at the park.
Friday we presented in front of four zones. Oh boy, that's scary
stuff. It was good though. Presenting is as about as fun as it is
Saturday we went on exchange with the assistants. That was more
different than I thought it would have been. Good still, I took notes.
We finished our week in Genva and didn't really have any investigators
come to church. It was kinda sad. But I guess when you don't see them
for half the week they don't really feel the need to come. Looking
forward to fixing that for this next week.

Now for the part you have all been waiting for.


Avec  Amour,
Elder Keller

pictures in my letter from his zone conference

 Tia Xan, who Grant baptized a few months ago.  They ran into her on the streets of Lyon while on splits with Elder Huntsman.
 mtc companion
Grant is second row from the front on the far left in this last picture.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

letter from grant - July 12th 2016

Geneve week two

Hello, we only managed to email for a few minuets yesterday due to
scheduling so we are just wrapping emails up today. Anywho, this last
Monday for preparation day the district leader Elder Brady Haug held a
district P-day where we celebrated Fourth of July with a BBQ. It was
pretty sweet, especially because Elder Brady Haug is half German and
half Mexican! He did find us some pretty tasty sausages though.

Ali hasn't really made any progression. We saw him twice this last
week and talked to him about quitting cigarettes but he's pretty
stuck. The worst is that he believes that one day he will stop but
that that day is not any time soon. We are headed over later today to
see what the doctor said about it. He should have gotten his medical
report in by now.

Jamel, we had a picnic with her and her family this last Saturday! It
was really cool to finally meet everyone. She has a baptismal date but
it's in like six months or something. After she turns 18. We were
kinda hoping that once we met her parents that they would be more open
to her getting baptized while she was still 17. Anywho, she is doing

Serge, he should have gotten baptized this last Saturday but we pushed
his date out because his wife is making him second guess everything.
We finally had a lesson with the whole family and not just Serge
alone. So that was sweet, we mainly taught the wife and answered her
questions. One of which was that some one told her that after getting
baptized in our church you have night mares and strange dreams all the
time. Who comes up with this garbage? Haha, anywho, we are praying
that he will be able to make it to church this upcoming week.

Seline and family, Seline is an Italian mom of five kids. They just
walked into the church like half way through one of our lessons
wanting to talk to the bishop. We told her if she came Sunday she
could talk with him. So she came Sunday, the kids made a ton of noise
during sacrament meeting and she talked to the first counselor after
church. Apparently she needs food and something else. It wasn't super
clear what they wanted exactly other than they need help. Then
yesterday the first counselor brought a bunch of non perishable foods
and diapers for her. We kinda taught her about the church. Like half
of a lesson. Anywho, we will have to see if she turns up next Sunday.

Well, voila have a good week!

Avec amour,
Elder Keller

Monday, June 27, 2016

letter from Grant - June 27, 2016

Sent: Monday, June 27, 2016 12:08 PM
Subject: Genève Week One

So the work here is doing incredible! We have three people lined up
for baptism already.

Ali, Armenian who was referred to us by a less active. The
missionaries went to his house and after having taught him a good
while he stopped progressing so the missionaries just taught his
daughters and they both got baptized and now Ali wants to get baptized
too! So we are working with him as well as his wife. Ali is trying to
quit smoking but he doesn't seem to try a lot.

Serge, from the Congo and has an adorable family with two kids. Serge
has really flipped his life around since he met the missionaries. He
requested a Book of Mormon on line and then the missionaries showed up
and just started teaching. He said he would listen but didn't want to
go to church or anything. Our last lesson he told us that he will do
anything to get baptized. He has such a huge desire to have God in his
life. It's truly wonderful. He even said that after he gets baptized
that his wife will look into the church. It would be really cool to
baptize a whole family even if it's one at a time.

I haven't yet met our other investigator with a date. But if you want
to pray for her her name is Julian. She is dating a member so that's
probably where all of her time is going.

My new companions. Elder Wade, I hope the name sounds familiar to you
because it didn't to me :P Elder Jesse Wade is going to be starting
point guard for Gonzaga when he gets off of his mission. He is really
cool, we bro out all the time and he is a really good missionary.
Like, he just has a lot of people skills and so for him talking to
people and really just teaching people takes zero effort. He is a very
diligent very obedient missionary as well. I am really looking forward
to the rest of this transfer.

Elder Lutu is my other companion. He is a Samoan from Boise Idaho.
Might play football in college. Elder Lutu is on his fourth transfer
so he is still pretty young and doesn't speak French super well yet.
He is super fun though, great guy with a big heart. He has his head on
straight so we all work well together.

This week we drove down to Annecy to do a baptismal interview. I
interviewed a very prepared man who is on his way to the salt lake
temple to get sealed this upcoming year with his spouse. It always is
a pleasure to peak into the work of the lord in sectors other than
your own.

Anywho, Swiss is incredible! Fun fact! In Swiss French they have
different words for the numbers seventy and ninety in French French :)
that has been driving me off the walls! Haha, people either don't
understand what I say or I don't understand what they are saying. That
and when we went to church this last week people either assume that I
am German(Keller means cave or cellar in German) and because everyone
in Swiss speaks like five languages they all HAVE to ask me :) it's
pretty funny. Oh, and people, if they listen to me speak first, assume
I am native French :P I can't fool a Frenchy with my French accent but
I can fool a Swissy! I think we had five people at church not realize
I was a American or comment on my accent.

Something SUPER SUPER COOL about Geneva and the Kellers. If you look
back on our genealogy on Grandpa Kellers side of things we have an
ancestor name Serge Louis Ballif who was the First missionary to come
and open up the city of Geneva for missionary work and then years
later be the missionary president of this mission! He has a big ol
plaque dedicated to him in the Geneva chapel where we go to church
every Sunday! I took a picture of it :) It really is so amazing to
think that I am serving, walking, and teaching the gospel on the very
same streets as Serge! Maybe it sounds silly but it gives me a
reinvigorated drive to go out and just preach to everyone in Geneva.
It also seems to give Geneva a homely feel. Like, my ancestors used to
live and serve here before immigrating to Salt Lake. I don't know how
to explain it, but it gives me butterfly's in my stomach and makes me
more than proud to be here :)

Avec amour,
Elder Keller

 Elder Wade was on the phone so we took a picture of us on the Biggest building in all of Europe :)

Me next to Serge's plaque.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Letter from Grant - June 6, 2016 (no letter last week, so I'm not looking for it later :)

Sent: Monday, June 6, 2016 7:46 AM
Subject: Robertine

I'm just going to start out with the best, Robertine's did get
baptized! And all in the same  week her daughter got out of the
hospital (she was suffering from some rare blood disease in Africa but
will soon be coming to France to live with her mother :) and she made
it into her cooking school! They only take seven or eight students a
year and it's held up in Bordeux. Apparently to test in they sit you
down in a kitchen, they give you a recipe, all the ingredients you
need and tell you to make it. You have to finish the dish within a
certain time and it has to meet certain qualifications and then they
judge your plate with everyone else's. You do this multiple times
until the judges have weeded everybody out! Haha, kinda bonkers but
what can you do?  She now has to read some thousand page book on
cuisine and memorize a bunch of cooking faux pas and must do's.

Pierre is doing good, skipped institute this week but that's because
he was also in Bordeux for something.

Yoland, fixed a baptismal date, needs a job to support herself. She is
progressing great in the gospel, she has been understanding
everything! She even brought her sister to church with her so that was
fantastic because we are teaching both of them together.

The Jumelles. Jumelles is the French word for twins. This week while
contacting my companion and the zone leader taught some 24 year old
Jumelle girls who are surprisingly interested in the gospel. I met
with them Friday with my companion Elder Orr. They have TONS of
questions because they have a friend in Utah who just got her mission
call and they want to know like everything about us. Fingers crossed
we can get them to church to meet all of the young adults :)

What else do y'all want to know? I bought a new pair of pants today? I
really like French pants :) they are TIGHT!

Avec Amour
Elder Keller

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May 2016 Happenings

 more rain, another turtle, nails done with Morgan, Christian Prom with Hayden and dinner in our back yard, skype with Grant for Mothers Day :), trip to Pennsylvania to see Mike's family, John Wait concert with Troy, Ana award for doing well in Math, Morgan and Ethan Orchestra Concert, more rain - three weeks on and off in May and two weeks the pool flooded down the steps into the pond and the pond came up past the fence, this month really wore Troy out!