Monday, November 16, 2015

grant's letter

Sent: Monday, November 16, 2015 6:09 AM
Subject: Im sure you just want me to talk about terrorism.

    This week threw the mission a curve ball!  This
Saturday we woke up at 4:30 because President Brown sent everyone a
massive text explaining that we were not aloud to leave the apartment.
Later that day, while talking to members, we learned of the multiple
shootings and terrorist attacks. Its all really sad to think about.
    Overall our mission has changed. We must be inside by 6:00 o'clock
(sundown) every single day unless we are with a member. We are no
longer aloud on trains and subways(this seems more temporary though)
and we can no longer be around public gatherings or in any other
situation where there are lots of people. Its all really crazy to
think about. The whole culture of the mission is changing. We have
tried to be efficient in the apartment with all of our new found time
but its a struggle to stay on task and there really isn't much to do.
We have already called everyone in the area book. So I guess we will
start over? I don't know, we might try and have lessons over the
phone? We will see. Saturday Night President Brown sent us a text that
talked about not having fear and being strong and explained that one
way we can show our strength and our courage is by coming to church.
He then asked us to send this message to Every person in the area
book. We had three less actives and an old investigator come to
church! It was really cool! Our goal as a mission was to get two
hundred investigators to church this week; apparently, the mission has
never had more than two hundred investigators at church. We had two
hundred and eighteen as a mission. So that was really cool!
    Louis(last week I spelled it luis), is doing well. Elder Connell and
Elder Spencer, on exchange got to see Louis. They did the first half
of the plan of salvation. Normally we can get all the way through but
Elder Spencer said that Louis had a lot of honest questions about the
fall and stuff. It also didn't help that the member they brought LOVES
to teach. He honestly could talk for days but when he teaches he has
to explain EVERYTHING! So apparently Louis got to learn all about the
war in heaven and Elder Spencer says he thinks the member was quoting
lines from the temple videos...he wasn't sure though because we cant
go to the temple serving here in France. My companion took a video at
Louis house. Apparently Louis has a really nice BMW and a super rare
wolf dog thing!
    Miguel came to our second appointment this week a little drunk...He
has made progress and he keeps commitments. We may put him on the back
burner. Especially with the new time crunch.
    Lin! Lin is a funny little Vietnamese college student. We contacted
her our second week here but she went on vacation and didn't want to
meet with us until she finished finals. Anyways, she was really fun to

teach. Asians just see the world differently and I love it. She has a
Protestant friend that introduced her to Christianity and so when she
prays she says funny things. A good rendez vous, But im not sure how
interested she is i our religion. We will see.

    Anyways, that seems to be our week! Love you, stay away from terrorists.

Avec amour,
Elder Keller

Monday, November 9, 2015

grant's letter on November 9th, 2015

Sent: Monday, November 9, 2015 5:27 AM
Subject: Train revolutions...

    This week was not a lot of missionary work and LOTS of trains! We had
to go to zone conference in Axon-Provence Monday to Tuesday, president
brought his handmade long bow to "prove a point". He nailed a water
bottle from like a hundred feet away outside the church using hand
carved arrows. He explained that because the arrows were hand made
they have more imperfections than normal and often jeer off to the
side when you shoot. All this to emphasize the Miracle that Nephi had
when he went looking for food with one arrow and the bow he made. It
was pretty darn cool! It was the only conference where he hit the
water bottle.
    We saw Miguel this week! We brought a member who ended up taking all
of our lesson time to argue with Miguel over Jesus being Jehovah of
the old testament. Every time this topic comes up Miguel can't let it
go because one of his friends who, speaks Hebrew, showed him un
original Hebrew bible that changes the whole "i am" quote that jesus
gives. We are seeing him tomorrow to talk about the Plan of Salvation.
Miguel has read all the way up through Alma now! Pretty cool! He also
has been  trying to crack our Gospel Principles book. I cant tell if
he really wants to find the true religion or just prove all the others
    Louis is doing well, he has read everything we have assigned him and
has some questions on the god Head. It will be good to brush up on
that. Unfortunately we couldn't see him this week thanks to the train
strikes but Wednesday will be the day.
    Train Strikes, so we have heard two different stories from people.
The first is that a man got hit by a train at a train stop and thanks
to French regulations they couldn't move the body until it had been
properly analyzed and so all trains coming through this train station
got super delayed. The other story is that all of the Train workers in
some city up and started protesting and so all trains coming through
that train station got Super delayed. Both could be true. All I know
is that on our way to stake conference our train was delayed for TWO
HOURS. And it didn't help that our train ride was three hours away.
When we finally got to Toulouse stake conference had thirty minuets
left. But I still got to see all of my old Rodez Friends :) Pictures
down Below! Patrick had to go to the bathroom to cry and Mathias
flying jump kneed me in my thigh knocked me over. I bruised.
Unfortunately Madame Gill went to the conference session the day
before. It was super good to see everyone though! I even got to type

up conference for Patrick again:)
    We got in touch with a less active named Harvey! He races cars for a
living! He drives like an ANGEL! All his turns make you feel like the
car is riding on clouds or something! I dont know how to explain it
but just the way he drives is SUPER smooth! He is doing good! We got
him reading again and he wants to come to church Sunday and talk to
the Bishop about some stuff. Hervey also works at local races and
stuff! And he ran a marathon! Instant cool points! But this last race
that he did they ended up having some Hundred kilos worth of left over
pasta. So he gave us twenty Kilos! haha We ended up bringing most of
it to stake conference and feeding all the missionaries when we got
back to the apartments :) SO Much Pasta!!!
    Yup, that about summes her up. Thanks so much yall for yalls love and
for yalls nice words.

Avec amour,
Elder Keller

Monday, November 2, 2015

Grant's letter - Nov 2

Monday, October 26, 2015

October 26th letter from Grant

Sent: Monday, October 26, 2015 7:04 AM

On a scale of one to seventeen I'd give this week about a 12. Seems pretty just.

I was on exchange with Elder Duffy in Montpelier during the week and
that was super cool! Elder Duffy is in his second transfer but is
basically the best missionary I have ever met. Once he gets the
language down he is going to be the perfect missionary! haha, he
contacts EVERYONE on the tram! And we taught one of his investigators
in english he did Super well. He teaches super simply and really
understands people on a personal level. Really cool Missionary!

We had zone conference the week too! The zone leaders introduced
Presidents new finding idea called 'business contacting' it plays off
the fact that here in France there are TONS of little stores owned by
families or individuals. The idea is that we pick two or three of
these little stores, like a family owned bakery(and there are SOOOO
many here in France) and stop by once or twice a week. Each time we
stop by we try and share the gospel. Give them a card to the web site,
talk about who we are and why we are here. And the idea is that
because they own their own store they can talk to us and ask questions
about the church. Eventually they will become investigators that we
can teach and keep easy contact with. Its a good idea, we just need to
try it out.

We saw Simon again this week. He is doing good, he was busy all this
week making a music video for his band but we finally got to see him.
We brought one of our members with us and they got talking a bunch
about the members conversion. Simon totally thought that this was an
all american church where only americans could join... so he was
surprised to find out that the member was 100% French. :)

Saturday was rough. All of our appointments for that day got canceled
so we went finding for eight hours! We didn't find anyone new
unfortunately. Which kinda stinks. However, we were calling people and
we felt like we should call Miguel. His phone line got disconnected so
we had lost touch with him. Fortunately he picked up and we can
hopefully pick up where we left off!

We contacted an avid Jehovahs Witness this last week and fixed a
rondez-vous for tomorrow, so prayers will be welcome. When we first
contacted into him I didn't realize he was holding his bible out with
his bag filled with Witness material. About ten seconds after saying

Bonjour he somehow managed to start talking about the hundred and
forty four thousand and get his bible open all the way to revelations.
I speak French, but once this dude started talking I must have dropped
the gift of interpretation of tongues because whatever he was saying
did not sound like French! haha, we will see what happens tomorrow. It
may very well be our last appointment with this fellow.

We mapped out a bunch of less actives and passed by to see how they
were. Nothing has really come of it yet. Well we have started seeing
Abdoun. He is interesting. He is like an on and off member. He comes
for a few months, disappears for a few weeks, comes for a few months,
disappears again. Anyways, he is really good at telling his friends
about the church so we are hoping to meet some of his friends :)

Avec amour,
Elder Keller

Saturday, October 24, 2015

October Happenings

Miles answered Morgan and they are going to Sadies together!  
Troy is in Singapore.

Ethan attended a BYU football game and hiked to the Y with the Tufts, they are sure good to put up with his goofiness : ).
Just the beautiful view as I head out on my walk one morning.

Ethan, Ana and I were home and everyone else was gone, so we headed out to the Movies on a Tuesday night and watched Hotel Transylvania 2.

Off to Texas over UEA to close on our house and visit the kids schools!  Exciting and nerve racking stuff.  We survived and have a house in Texas and Utah now.  The kids liked swimming in the pool, catching turtles in the pond and eating out.

Ethan has done a great job mowing and edging the lawn all to buy a turtle costume for Halloween?!?!?  Hmmm, yet it seems to be happy just like him.  Maybe a good fit and very roomy so maybe there will be future Halloweens in it.
Morgan had her orchestra concert Wednesday October 21st.  She is first chair in the viola section and did a wonderful job leading.  Beautiful.  Then she came home to find the turtle head... but with her orchestra blacks on she looks a little more like a snake!

Tanya and Victor
Ana had a tumbling sleepover this past weekend.  She had a lot of fun making pyramids and toilet paper mummies and balls.  I don't know that she ever went to sleep.  She came home saying she was going to mow the lawn and then I found her asleep on the couch, she took a good long 3 hour nap!  Too funny.

Sadie Hawkins Dance

Ethan went to a haunted house with his friends. 

 Sadie's, Morgan took Miles and they were Thor in their super hero group ;)