Monday, December 15, 2014

Letter From Grant

So, this Noel season is wonderful! More and More people are willing to talk to us and President Roney thinks that that is because people are looking for presents to give. And when you think of others you feel Christs love, and when that happens you are more open to talk to Boys in Suits. YAY

We made more cakes this week. Small bannana bread cakes in old cans (yes mom we wash them with soap, and our hands). After we bake the bread we give it to others! Tuesday we decided to give one to Steven. Steven is a guy we met riding his no handed segway and we know he lives two floors above us...And we know he has a ring on his finger. (insert evil cackle here)

Not knowing where Stevens door is on the fourth floor we grabbed the cake and hopped in the elevator, said a quick prayer that we will be able to find him. Elevator doors open and guess who is on the otherside of the doors? Steven AND his wife! 

We gave them the cake talked for a few minuets and then she invited us into her apartment! We go in to discover that THEY HAVE THREE KIDS. It is perfect! They are married, they have kids, they do happen to be catholic but that's nothing we can't fix. 

We talked to them for about 40 minuets! We plan on inviting them to Family Night and trying to have a family night at their house! We hope that they become receptive and want to hear more about the gospel! we have been praying all week that they will want to have these family nights! Your prayers are greatly appreciated!

Love you all! Share the gift! 

Be happy! A smile looks better then the nicest suit!

Elder Keller

A sweet mom posted this on the Lyon France Facebook page.  It was Elder Keller's Thanksgiving dinner.  
Grant sent Morgan this picture of him playing a blue guitar.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Last couple weeks in December - it went too fast

 This is a quick review of the last 10 days of December, that somehow got away from me...
Last Tuesday, Dec 4, Morgan performed at the Joseph Smith Memorial building and we rushed home to go shopping with the YW.  We were buying for a family in SLC (a dad and three children).  We had a wonderful time finding toys, stockings and jammies for the family.

Thursday I snuck Morgan out at lunch to get her hair cut, Amy took 5 inches off!  It's so curly and darling.

 Friday, Dec 7th, Morgan performed at Festival of the Trees.  I love walking around and seeing the amazing things people have made and donated, but I always get a little choked up over the trees in memory of family members who have passed away.

 Morgan eating more pomegranates in memory of Grant and Ethan's science project (50 pictures last year to one this year...).  Tuesday night, Dec 9th, was the Hunstman Christmas Dinner.  It was held at Grand America and they had this life size gingerbread house.  It was pretty impressive.  Not as impressive as the Huntsman party of course.

 Then Thursday, Dec 11th, was my baby sister, Kat Tingey's, Christmas concert.  She made a Christmas cd this year and Morgan wrote the lyrics to the song Christmas Eve.  She got to go with Kathryn and record the song - she had them add a banjo and tambourine - and Kat invited her to sing backup vocals on the recording.  Needless to say that Morgan was in heaven : )  My cousin Candice also collaborated with Kat on a couple of songs.  So Morgan and Candice were able to sing with Kathryn at her concert Thursday night.  They were wonderful!  The concert was a lot of fun, although one of our favorite songs was one that isn't on the cd, about Santa bringing her a man for Christmas!  Hilarious, yes she is single, but maybe if she was good this year Santa will find her  a man : ).

Friday night Morgan and I went with friends to the Christmas Concert at the Conference center.  Santino Fantana and the Sesame Puppets performed.  It was really a darling show and we had a wonderful time walking around the mall, eating chocolate, seeing the lights at Temple Square and then attending the concert.  Good times.

 So we're finally to yesterday, Saturday the 13th of December.  We had cousins and friends over all afternoon making cookie trains.  It makes for a crazy, messy day, but we love every minute of it.  (And I'm sure great grandma is smiling that we continue the tradition.  We can't make them without thinking of her).

Monday, December 8, 2014

Grant's letter - Week 4

This week was a testimony builder. We read in Jesus the Christ the in depth analysis of the parable, given by our savior, of the "different types of soils". Talmage explains that each soil type has different factors that make it so that the seed can't grow(well, other then in the perfect soil in which it is the optimal place for planting a seed). The most interesting soil type seemed to be the soil that had thorns and bushes growing in it. The earth there was good, it has the proper amount of nutrient to yield forth strong plants. But it has weeds and aggressive plants deeply rooted in the soil. The weeds choke out the seeds soon after they have sprouted. 

We work hard in sharing the gospel with as many people as we come in contact with in hopes that eventually we can reap the wonderful fruit of missionary work. What occurred to me this week was that we might not get to be the reapers. I brought it up with Elder Perry and a few times during the week we would remind ourselves that often our job is not the job of the reaper, in reaping great rewards and bountiful harvests; but the job of the sower, to sow many seeds by touching the lives of many people and praying that a few seeds land in good soil and grow up to be strong active members! 

Because we do not know who has good soil and who does not we try to plant as many seeds as we can. And as a result, we know that many of the seeds will fall into the soil filled with weeds, where the aggressive bigger plants will try to choke out the young gospel seeds. And for those people we pray that somehow something can come into their lives and clear the soil of weeds; and we pray that those people might ask us for help in clearing the soil of their addictions and sins and then, after the weeding is done, we can help them nourish their faith that they might grow and become wonderful fruitful members in clean, weed free soil.

Something I liked and felt like applied to the mission work here in Chalon. 

HE IS THE GIFT! In French it is "Il est le don" (phonetically: Ill A lu don, or you could replace don with cadeau : cad-oo meaning present) We have discovered many people who have received our message and shared the video with their friend through social media! After you could probably check out the rest of the website and maybe take the questionnaire or watch the fun videos that explain our purpose here on earth and all about God and Jesus! 

If yall want chocolate or something shoot me an email and maybe in a week you can pick it up from mom and dad :D

I love you all!
Elder Keller

They got a tree to decorate.  I feel bad we sent one, but it may be a while before they get it.

Grant said someone gave them these le petite cookies for christmas.  We had a work colleague of Troy's over for dinner last night.  She is from Belgium and she was telling us that Saint Nicholas comes on Dec 6th.  So I will have to ask Grant if that is when he received his cookies..  

He said he is wearing his French scarf he bought in the cookie picture.  The last picture is just showing that they have made some parking spaces between the trees.  That made me laugh and reminded me of being in Kiev, Ukraine.  The city streets are so narrow that in a lot of places the parking was on the sidewalks.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

December 1 - Letter from Grant

So President Roney wanted us to reach 20 lessons a week twice this transfer. Thats a lot! Our mission has some 130 companionships and only 24 met the standard last week of teaching 20 lessons. But we thought that with the turkey bowl coming up that we could teach 25 lessons this week. Also note that we have two progressing investigators, and one of them got hospitalized earlier this week. So not a whole lot of teaching has been going on. We worked hard all week and spent probably more time then we should have doing service and helping out members. 

Wednesday we had our first of two district meetings, this weeks district meeting was in Chalon and we got to prepare a two hour activity! So, obviously, our activity was a turkey bowl! We made a point system and some simple rules and loosed the Entire District on the city of chalon!  We prayed throughout the week that when the turkey bowl happened the district would find people to teach and potential new investigators.We had seven different companionships contacting in the streets of Chalon and they got us four new phone numbers, two new investigators and they taught 9 lessons on the street! How exciting!

Saturday came quicker then we thought and we still needed to teach  11 lessons to reach our goal of teaching 25 lessons this week. Elder Perry brought up the idea of praying every 15 minuets, brilliant idea. We spent all of our time on Saturday roaming the streets trying to find anyone to teach! Unfortunately it was cold Saturday, It hit -1°C. (thank you mom for the hand warmers :) But we taught anyone that would listen! We talked to angry old short French ladies, Collage kids, we even got a drunk guys number, not sure if we should call him though. Some punk teenagers got us a lesson, a store clerk, a high school couple took book of mormons along with some homeless people(we didn't count teaching the homeless people) lots of people! All in All our hard day of work and lots of prayers we ended up with 13 lessons that day. We have two more investigators who we are meeting with next week! I thought three lessons was a miracle and I see now that with faith and prayers in good things the lord gives unrestrained. We  can do SO much with hard work and faith. Heavenly father prepared us last week to teach the people this week. Our 27 lessons came through from his hand and I hope that the investigators we received this week will find joy in our message next week.

Elder Keller

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Thanksgiving in Vegas

 We picked up Victor and headed to Las Vegas for Thanksgiving this year.  We toured around a little bit the night we got there and walked through Caesar's mall, saw the Bellagio fountains, ate some gelato and a few of the children took a late night swim in the hotel pool.  We teased Tanya as she ran from one dressed up character to another to get her picture taken with them.  We finally told her they do it to make money unlike the characters at Disneyland.  In a strange way it sort of is like a warped Disneyland.  Lights, smoke and shows but no one really lives in this bright, lit up town.

The next morning was Thanksgiving and we decided to go see Hoover Dam, after the boys went out toward Red Rock Canyon for a morning bike ride.  We had no idea Morgan would be the most excited and had to ask where the Dam everything was.  Too funny.  The tours were closed due to the holiday, but we enjoyed throwing change over the side and watching the fish.

We enjoyed a buffet thanksgiving dinner.  Everyone ate what they wanted to eat and there were no dishes to clean up afterward, we'll for me anyhow.  We then did a little shopping and checked out the m&m and hershey stores.

Friday Troy had some meetings so I threw the kids in jail and hit the town.  Ha, just kidding.  We all headed to the mob museum.  The craziest thing is that I always thought prohibition was a good thing for the country, but that is really what opened up the underground and black market.  It was amazing how in such a short time the mob took over police departments and politicians.  Our country really could have gone down hill, I had no idea how far  spread the corruption had spread.  We then headed out to see the Las Vegas temple.  My dads construction company built the temple when I was a kid.  We have pictures of my brother, sister and I standing in the front windows before the glass was put in.  That and one of the workers letting us brush a little gold leafing on a doorway is about all I remember.  So it was fun to see the temple, it's really a beautiful building.

Saturday we headed out to Red Rock Canyon.  We stopped at a little town to pet some local wildlife and take a tour through an old mine shaft.  Then to the canyon to climb the rocks, be blown over by the crazy wind, and ride bikes out of the canyon (all down hill).  Good day that ended with some more swimming in the pool and watching a couple movies.  Then Sunday we headed home.  Good times and loved the 70 degree weather.