Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Candookie night at the Kellers. We realize the rest of the world calls these things no-bake cookies, but we feel it our cultural duty to preserve made-up words like this. It's sort of like those native american languages that die off when the last member of the tribe goes. Sort of.

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Betsy said...

FYI, they're candookies here, too. The name lives on!! I always thought the crazy name referred to something you'd find in a toilet (dookie) -- looks like it came from a can. But, Klint seems to disagree. (It's like the mysterious name of the smoothies George used to make -- Whoopdies. Klint got so confused watching The Newlywed Game -- all the "whoopie". Whatever.) Any enlightenment on the name?

Anyway, the point of this long post is that the famous Keller candookies are alive and well in our house, too. We can eat a batch in a matter of minutes!