Friday, February 15, 2008

Sledding on the golf course

We have the Keller's from Connecticut visiting us this holiday weekend.  And as planned, we received a good snow storm the day before they were to come out and snowboard.  We thought we'd take a few runs down the neighborhood sledding hill (better known as the Eagle Wood Golf Course).  It was cold, but the sun came out and kept us warm and in good spirits after each snowy blast down the hill.  We had to carve new trails through the fresh powder and each time we went down the snow seemed to find it's way into our boots, coats and down our necks!  We had a great time and were pretty worn out after an hour.

McCall and Grant built up a jump and took turns jumping over each other.  After a couple runs Calvin was done hiking back up the hill and rolled to the bottom and crashed there until we were done sledding.  Ethan and I, together on a tube, went the farthest and we are very proud of out distancing every one else.  Georgia and Brett even got a few runs in before heading back to the warm, dry house. 

McCall was a good sport to take Ethan down the hill and to also let him fly off a jump and ram right into his chest.  I think it shocked them both.  McCall was working on the jump and Ethan decided to go down the hill.  I yelled at McCall and when he turned to look up the hill Ethan was right there in his face!  No one seemed hurt or at least they were both laughing in the end.


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