Thursday, March 20, 2008

Another Week Gone...

This week has just flown by!  It's the end of the third term for the kids and today is our first day of our very short, 4 day, spring break.  It's been warm, jacket weather, and nice out this week and so we've spent our afternoons out riding bikes and scooters with the neighborhood kids.  The only down side to being out side all afternoon is that not much gets done in the house!  I'm going to have to find some good make ahead dinners too.  

Grant, now 12, has joined the Young Men and Scouts.  So he has been busy this week figuring out things he needs to work on.  For my benefit I'm sure, he has set a goal to work on 5 things for 3 months.  Keeping the dishwasher unloaded, feed/water the dog, and making his bed every morning (all without being asked to do them) are my favorite three.  

Ethan had his first soccer game yesterday and they did great.  It's fun to watch the boys figure things out and chase after the ball.  Ethan has this tendency to announce the score every time a goal is made.  It is a non-competitive league and they don't keep score, so it tends to cause some arguments on the field.  All these 5 and 6 year olds tend to keep score so that their team is winning and our usually mellow Ethan, just can't let it go.  He does a good job keeping score and the parent's on our team are always asking him what the score is.

Morgan usually protests and cries when her extra curricular classes get cancelled, but this week she was thrilled.  Spanish class and acting class were both cancelled this week and she didn't shed a tear, because it ment that she got more time to ride her bike after school!  Today she got to play with a friend after they both had piano lessons and my dear friend, Jennifer Jensen, helped them color easter eggs.  Morgan was in Heaven.  It's just the one Easter tradition I just can't bring myself to carry on.... the smell, the mess.... it's just not me.  Bring on the pumpkins, that's my kind of mess!    

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