Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Fish, or just gold fish?

Troy took the boys and a neighbor and went fishing on Saturday.  It sounded like it was pretty crowded and not enough fish to go around.  Ethan, our budding photographer--every time I upload pictures from the camera there are 40-50 pictures that Ethan has taken of objects around the house, was in charge of the camera.  There is one picture of our neighbor fishing and a couple dozen of this squirrel that Ethan was feeding gold fish to.  Not a single picture of a fish... sums up their fishing trip I guess.
I will say, that has to be the fattest squirrel I have ever seen.

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Anonymous said...

This is Troy--

Fishing was bad and crowded, but we didn't get skunked. Grant in fact caught a nice 12 inch rainbow completely by himself--found the hole and everything. So that was the highlight.