Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Catching up on last week...

We've had some busy weeks already in April.  Last Monday we got the kids passports, Yeah!  After a few tantrums, yes thrown by myself, we finally did it.  Now we can start planning cool and exotic vacations.  Not really, but Grant has us on a two year plan for learning spanish and saving money so that we can all go to Argentina!  We are all very excited and the kids are doing very well with their spanish class.

Last week we had a Birthday Party for America in Ethan's Kindergarten class, being the room mom all I have done this year is Kindergarten.  The kids are so much fun and get so excited about everything that it's fun to be in there.  We did lots of crafts and games with stars and the colors red, white and blue.  I've cut out enough stars to last me a couple years.

Grant had to build a musical instrument for his music class and choose to make a guitar.  He finished his guitar as he was walking out the door to school on Friday.  We never got to the music store to buy strings and so he used long, skinny balloons pulled really tight.  It turned out pretty cool... perfect size for Ethan to carry around and play with.  Although, Ethan has already informed us he is going to play the drums, something for us to look forward to I guess.

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