Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Surprise, surprise!

Surprise!  Look who came to visit on Saturday.  Morgan's BFF!!  Like Oh, my Heavens!  They were too cute together and just had a blast running around all day.  Ethan and Jonah were pretty tight too.  Just party after party.  These past two days have been very dull for the kids.  No cousins popping in and out, no friends to stop and visit, no neighbor kids in town, just boring old mom who wants to read her book.  And too my credit, I've played a lot of games yesterday and today... the kids have just been spoiled with lots of people around.  I'm sure we'll survive...  ok, now I sound just as bad, I must have been spoiled too.  5 weeks of adult conversation and my kids entertained, loven' it.

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