Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Thunder and Lightening

Growing up I remember sitting on the back porch with my mom and/or brother and sisters to watch lightening storms.  I just love the smell of the rain, feel of the air, sound of the thunder and of course the amazing patterns of light the lightening would make in the sky.  I have been a little disappointed these past 4 years, that I've lived back in Utah, that I haven't really seen any lightening storms. 

Well, last night I was heading to bed around midnight and the lightening started.  It was coming out of thick clouds and lighting up the valley.  It was beautiful and just the perfect temperature to sit in and watch the clouds and lightening.  (I tried to get some pictures and they didn't turn out, but I found a couple someone else took last night of the same storm).  I ended up going to bed around 1 am because I just had to sit out on the deck in the storm.  It was absolutely wonderful.  Around 12:40 the rain started to pound and I had to go in the house.  The streets were just running with water, so I do hope no one got flooded last night.  But I'm glad I didn't miss it, it's already hot and sunny outside today and I would have never have known a storm came through last night.


Hayriddle said...

Oh my was quite a storm wasn't it??? We went to bed around 11:00 but at 12:30 the pounding rain woke us up and we just had to go see what was going on! We went out on our covered porch and just couldn't believe the amount of rain coming down! It was crazy! I am glad I wasn't the only one totally taking in the miraculous sight. By the way I love your adorable blog! :)

Rose said...

i just left you a comment on your conference post, but i am trying to get ahold of Jolyn Hughes in Bountiful.. Do you by chance know her?

Betsy said...

Oh I hope my kids turn out like you! I was always SO terrified of thunder storms. How nice to be able to sit and enjoy the beauty! (Did Troy stay up with you??)