Saturday, August 9, 2008

Week in review

Preston returned home with us from the Keller Family Reunion, to hang out for a week.  Monday, (Preston was a really good sport and helped the kids with their morning jobs) after the kids did some weeding and work around the house we blew up the water slide.  Everyone cooled off in the freezing water.
Tuesday, we cleaned out the car (it was a mess after that long trip to Idaho and back).  Good thing Lagoon doesn't open until 11 am during the week.  We picked up Whitney and headed to Lagoon for a day of fun.  It was the least crowded day we have been this summer.  Anyone planning on going, Tuesday was great.  We rode every ride we wanted to, except the new OdySea ride was closed.   Ethan even rode the Colossus with his mom!  All the kids rode the White Roller Coaster and loved it, first time for all the kids.  The new Wicked roller coaster is what you see in the background, it is my new favorite ride. I think Preston felt the same way.

Wednesday, I went to lunch with some neighbor ladies, yummy.  Then Grant and Morgan had eye appointments.  Morgan is a little far sighted, but not in need of glasses just yet.  Although, she was the one begging for a pair and trying on all of the pink, purple and blue glasses in the store.  Grant is near sighted, like his father, and got a pair of glasses just so he can read the chalk board when he is in the back of a class room.  Hopefully he'll wear them, Troy never did.  

Thursday, we hung around the house.  Morgan had piano in the morning and Carlin had activity days in the afternoon.  Later we did run to three stores looking for an addition to the HeroScape game Grant and Preston have been playing all week.  Yeah, we found one, not the one Grant wanted, but it worked.
Friday we tried to go with friends to hike Timpanogos Cave before school started.  The skies were cloudy, but sunny and we thought it would all go well.  As soon as we got over Point of the Mountain the clouds turned grey and it started raining.  The closer we got to the canyon the more rain came down.  We decided it would be to wet to go through the cave soaking wet, so we thought we'd try the Dino museum at Thanks Giving Point, but it didn't open until 10 am.  We headed home to hike in our own back yard, up to Ensign Peak, but as we got closer to SLC the rains began again.  We took a picture and turned for home to hang out and watch movies.  Later Grant and Morgan went swimming with the Wilson's, Blake and Grant will be going to different Jr. High's this year.  Kim and Sheree picked up Preston and an hour later Troy got home from D.C., just in time to go see a movie with his little bro. Brady.  Troy had also told the kids they could sleep out on the deck... so we had one more night of the kids not getting to sleep before 11 pm.   

Lucky for us our week wasn't over yet.  Saturday we headed down to Provo to the Rulan Morgan Keller family reunion.  I actually knew a couple people and we met most of or all of Aunt Beth's family.  MarRue, her children and a cousin dressed up and read histories of some of the Keller ancestors.  They did a good job.  There were lots of crafts and games for the kids.  We found another family, Sherrie Diener's, that loves to play Settlers too.   Their son Jon, in the pic, is Grant's age and they hit it off right away.  There was a lot of really good food, although not as many people there as they had planned.  Aunt Marco is in the hospital in Idaho and her family was with her, and two other relatives had passed on and funerals were being held in St. George, UT and Prestson, Id.  I'll post all the pics on the family page and Keller family you can see who you recognize.

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