Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Brett and McCall visit

We were going to celebrate Grant's bday, but he being sick, we just had dinner. Brett and McCall were in town to snow board and Brady's family came over so it was a little party. McCall has grown about 5 inches since he came for Basketball camp last summer. As you can see he towers over the girls at the counter. He was definitely the main attraction, all the kids wanted to play, wrestle and hang out with McCall. It was fun to see everyone and visit.

So for dinner we made a huge pot of Borsh, had a couple salads, bread and for dessert chocolate mouse. All in all pretty tasty. The Borsh seemed sweeter than I remembered it being in the Ukraine... anyone know if it's sort of supposed to be kind of sweet? Glad Wendy made it first and people commented, we did buy shredded cabbage and carrots to make it a little easier. Too bad you can't buy shredded onions and beets, what a mess. The kids wouldn't even come into the kitchen until all the onions were in the pot!


Diana said...

Borscht: If you used Wendy's recipe, she got it from me. We learned how to make it from a return missionary who served most of his mission in western Ukraine, which is also where we adopted our boys from. Each region has their own recipes for it. So, this could be the first reason it's a little different than you remembered. Second, the amount of sweetness depends on the amount of carrots and beets you use. It could also depend on the type of meat you used. Chicken is much sweeter than pork or beef. Also, many types of canned beans are loaded with sugar (kidney, etc). That could also have contributed to the overall sweetness. If you like it less sweet, make sure there is no sugar in the beans and use less carrots. As for the beets and onions - food processors are the way to go!! I usually use baby carrots and shred them in the food processor with the onions. It cuts way down on the smell.

Wendy said...

We cried like babies chopping all those onions!
It was better than I remember in Ukraine. (And yes, my recipe was from Diane!)
The beets are a HUGE mess. I know I'll make it again, but it's defiantly a recipe that needs family participation!
Hope you can come tomorrow. I got your email that you can't make Tuesdays so I just wanted to make sure you know that this month we're meeting on Wednesday!

Carol said...

Oh, too bad Grant was sick. Tell him Happy Birthday for us. Sounds like you are having one adventure after another.

Lori said...

I'd love the recipe. I haven't made borscht yet. It sounds like it was a lot of fun.