Monday, March 15, 2010

Grant's Birthday

Happy Birthday Grant. He actually turned 14 last week, but had strep and so we postponed, but we couldn't find time to cut the cake last week and with Troy out of town the kids decided they couldn't wait any longer. So we went to grandma's and celebrated without dad. We recorded it to email to Troy, I'd upload it but there are very few of us that can actually carry a tune in my family and then with the English barrier it was a pretty insane 30 seconds! But super yummy ice cream cake.

My boy is growing up. Saturday he went to the Jr. High dance and had a blast. Danced with a bunch of different girls and looked so handsome in his black pants, purple shirt and silver tie. I was sad I didn't get a picture, next time. He then came back and hung out with a couple friends.

I just had to add this comment (in an email) from another parent about my wonderful boy. I just can't believe my baby is growing up! I don't think a nicer thing could have been said, I was so proud all day!!

As a side note, several of the 8th grade girls I drove home Saturday Night commented how much of a gentleman Grant was at the dance. They were impressed that he danced with each of the girls, was dressed nicely and didn't act goofy like some of the other 8th grade boys.

Mason had to put the candles in the cake and light it, he being a Cars fan was disappointed Grant didn't ask for a Lightening Mcqueen cake.


California Garners said...

Wow! 14, 14, 14. How did this happen? I have a picture of Davis and Grant in an apple orchard munching apples (probably from the ground)with juice running down their chins. I remember thinking how big my baby was getting then...

Rita and Bruce said...

Ha Ha Grant, look who is the tallest in this picture...of course, not in real life, but at least for a second I am taller again. xoxo