Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Ethan!

Happy Birthday Ethan. Yep, Ethan got glasses on his 8th birthday! I'd feel sorry, but he can see things that he couldn't before and he looks so darn handsome in his glasses that it seems like he has had them all of his young life.

Being out of the country for Ethan's birthday last year left me feeling guilty enough that I pretty much told him he could have any kind of birthday he wanted this year. With some coaxing from Ana (who wants a party at Kangaroo Zoo) Ethan decided he wanted his party at Kangaroo Zoo too. We started with the package for 8 kids, but ended up inviting 16. Much to the shagrin of our other children they were no longer invited to the festivities, I wasn't taking 21! So even though Ethan turned 8 today, we had a crazy party at Kangaroo Zoo last Monday.

Our Kangaroo helper. We were in the space room and so we handed out star bouncy balls and milky way candy bars, all Ethans ideas. Smart boy.

Pizza and Birthday cake.

Pictures Ethan and his friends took. It's good I wasn't in the glow in the dark mini golf room or I would have gone crazy with the kids climbing on things.

The pictures I took of the kids. They played tag almost the entire two hours they had in the room with all of the bounce houses. Every now and then I called time out so I could get pictures of Ethan with his friends.

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samsthree said...

Catch up, wow. What a month, and here I was feeling sorry for myself being to 14 dr. apts. just for Austin. I will remember you next time and not get to frustrated. Happy Birthday Ethan, can't believe you are 8. Your party looks like it was amazing. Miss you all.