Friday, April 9, 2010

The bike

So Morgan and Ana had both out grown their bikes from last summer and so we headed down and got a new bike for Morgan and Ana got Morgan's old bike (which she is always asking Morgan to ride). When they got home Ana just ran through the house down to her room. Troy said she was upset because she didn't pick out a new bike. So I headed down to talk to her, thinking all the while of starting a grateful journal like fellow adoptive mom, Wendy ; ). So I sit down by her on the bed and aske her if she is sad. She yells YES and pouts and burries her head in her arms. I said that I thought that sounded more like she was angry than sad. She looks up at me and yells YES again. She starts to pout and then spits out, I jealous of Morgan's bike! I broke out in a big grin and held back a laugh, because for Ana that was a great sentence and how did she know what jealous was? We haven't gotten to that emotion, maybe at church.... So I asked her what jealous ment and she said she wanted what Morgan had, I again was so impressed. So we had a little chat about being happy and being jealous doesn't make us happy. Then I told her the big secret, that the younger siblings get to go on more trips and get newer stuff in the end. I being the oldest (and a bit spoiled) shared some stories of my younger (and very spoiled - you know I'm teasing you Kat) littlest sister. By the end she was wide eyed and smiling and took off to ride her new/old bike. Later she did have to ask Tanya and Victor if they knew what jealous was, my fault I let it slip that I didn't think they knew what it ment, and from the blank stares and Victor's, "What is this?" question we both knew the answer and that twinkled stayed in her eye the rest of the night.

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Wendy said...

Oh. So sweet. I just love moments when they "get it"! The fact that she could verbalize her feelings and better yet shared are making strides!!