Friday, April 30, 2010

My Poor Suburban

Yep, my poor car. Ethan and his buddy we throwing rocks onto the roof, who knows why boys throw rocks at or onto things. Well they missed and hit my back window (with a rock the size of a quarter) and it completely shattered. It was a pretty big mess, I'm glad I didn't have anything in the back of my suburban, it's been filled with props and dresses for the musical. I should go take another picture, because it was raining the window now has garbage bags taped across the back! As Wendy would say, good grief!

So should I start a pool of bets on what will be next. My mom says things always happen in threes. So far this year I've replaced the back bumper and will now replace the back window..... what will be next?


Diana said...

Don't ask!! That's a dangerous question! :-)

samsthree said...