Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Crazy For You

So EXCITING! It is finally here, LPA's production of CRAZY FOR YOU!!! They are performing at Davis High School this Friday and Saturday. Show starts at 7pm but preshow is at 6:30 and the matinee on Saturday is 1:30 w/show starting at 2pm. Come watch Grant tap dance on the roof as Wyatt! I've been so amazed and impressed with him this year, I was way to shy at his age to perform like this and he has learned so much this year! Amazing what Mr. Stokes can do with these 7-10th graders!! It will be awesome. I will also be there for all three shows so come find me and say hi!!

Also, every year there is a fundraiser in May for MS at Viewmont High school. My sister plays guitar and I am so sad this will be the first year I miss it since moving back home. She is awesome and fun to hear. It is this Friday night. Good Luck Kat!! If you want to hear her music you can look her up on itunes under kat tingey.


Diana said...

Good luck with the play! Can't wait to see pictures! Somehow I have a feeling you'll be glad when it's over, though. :-)

Carol said...

Conner still needs to see a musical and review it for school. This would be perfect! Can you buy tix before hand, and is it reserved seating?? Saturday would work best for us. Tell Grant good Luck! (Conner is doing Bye, Bye Birdie next week.)

Carol said...

My email is clufffam@comcast.net (there are 3 f's) I think we will probably try to hit the matinee. Conner is at play rehersal until 9:00 tonight, so I will talk to him when he gets home. Is it the same price to purchase tix at the door? Thanks. Carol

Rita and Bruce said...

Thanks for plugging the MS Concert Carlin, it will be great...they have added Cori Connors this year and she is super. Good luck Grant xoxo