Friday, June 4, 2010

Memorial Day

I'm still working on uploading pictures from Troy's trip with the older kids last weekend. But while they were gone Ethan, Ana and I played. Monday was spent doing a bit of house work, shopping and then we went to Lagoon to get the kids passes. We thought we'd see if Ana was tall enough to ride things she couldn't ride last year. And YES she was! Here a picture of her on her first ride on the old white/brown rollercoaster! We also road the Colassal Fire Dragon, it bumped her around a bit, I don't know that she liked that one all that much. The line for wicked was WAY too long. It being a holiday and all, a lot of lines were pretty long. So we rode a few more and then headed home to get dinner on for those hungry bikers.


Rita and Bruce said...

Looks to me that you took the perfect pair to Lagoon, same height and same desire to be soaking wet! Yeah, for summer! xoxo

samsthree said...

So glad my kids are not the only ones giving peace signs. Looks like fun, we need to do Lagoon again when we come. Ya for the