Monday, August 2, 2010

Keller Family Reunion

So Troy got home from Brazil just in time to shower and then hit the road with the family and drive up to Idaho for the annual Keller Family Reunion. We stayed at the Keller's (Klint and Betsy's that is) that night and got up the next morning to make it to the first activity... Roller skating at the roller rink! The Ukraine kids raced around and around, not many even tried to keep up with them.

We did some hokie-pokie

and Limboed
That night, after swimming all afternoon, Kate made Morgan a birthday cake. It was super cute and Morgan was thrilled. We left the kids with Kate and the cake and headed out to dinner with the adults at Copper Canyon.

The next day we all had our choice of movie to watch at the $2 theater, Keller's only. Troy and I ended up with most of our kids in How to Train Your Dragon. Grant and Victor went with most the older kids to watch the A-Team.
We then headed back to Betsy's for swimming and water slide fun. Aunt Marcie surprised everyone with ice cream... she'll always be the favorite aunt!

Poor uncle Ryan, my kids would just hand on anyone who would make eye contact with them... they now know/believe I will get out if they hang on me in the pool.

Thank you Betsy for taking so many awesome photos! Love all the close ups.

On the drive home we stopped at the ravine where Great Grandpa Keller was in a car accident

Victor and his grafitti, what to do. Just kidding, we just thought it was funny that it said Victor.

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samsthree said...

Awesome reunion! I love the photos.