Sunday, February 20, 2011

craft day at the orphanage

So Monday we were at the orphanage to do crafts with the kids. Not all of the girls had returned to the orphanage from summer break, so we weren't planning on too many. So when we arrived and we saw 50 kids, boys and girls of all ages waiting for us we were a little surprised! But we divided them up and pulled out a couple extra things that we had and had a crazy, busy, wonderful day playing with the kids.

On our way home from the orphanage we stopped at the hot pockets. Yep, a little piece of yellow stone in Nicaragua. Kids came running out to take us on a tour of the hot spots. They would climb right down into these steaming holes and dig out mud to give everyone in little baggies. They had very blistered hands.

these kids were playing with clay, I just couldn't pass up a chance to play with a little clay also

the kids would make little pots and birds out of the clay to sell. This potter made me a bird after he showed me where to find the grey clay.

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standfortruth said...

What fun you are having. I am so excited to hear all about it. I love the pictures. What beautiful kids.