Thursday, April 24, 2014

spain day 4

 On the road again.  We had our 9 am breakfast as usual and then checked out around 10am and got going in our traveling van.  We are on our way to Toledo and we stopped in Caceres to walk through a walled town (which has been built and torn down a few times since 78 BC & if I remember right at one time the Roman occupied it).  We had a wonderful time walking around.  We then headed to another town (forgot the name) to see some ceramics, but it wasn't cool pottery like we thought it might be so we got back on the road.  We arrived around 5 in Toledo and got checked in and then took a cab up to the Holy Church Cathedral.  When we got up there we found out that they were celebrating the artist El Greco, who painted the 12 apostles.  He passed away 400 years ago on April 7.  The church was closed so we walked around the town.  It too was a walled town and it sat on top of a hill.  We did some shopping and ate some rice dishes that Kathryn will have to remind me the name of...  Was it our first night of not eating tapas?  In a way part of the town was like a mall, there were lots of shops.  We then caught a bus down the hill and were at our hotel before we knew it.

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