Sunday, June 15, 2014

new york city - June 2014

 Troy and I took Grant with us to NYC the sencond week of June for our neices wedding.  We went out a couple days early to see some sights and a play and just hang out in the city.  Grant and I walked all over while Troy worked.  Up to the Guegenhiem, the MET, Central Park.  With Troy we took the train to the park on 34th, the High Line trail.  They turned an old subway platform into a park.  It was fun and we wondered around West 4th and Washington Square Park, where we lived while Troy was in law school and where Grant was born.  We ate at an awesome cafe called The Gray/Grey Dog.  The food was great.  Then we saw a play that night.  Friday night and Saturday we were in CT and NYC for dinners and Aly's wedding.  They took beautiful pictures in Central Park just a couple blocks from the NY temple.  And the reception was amazing.  We had a wonderful time and loved spending it with Grant.

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