Saturday, August 23, 2014

Idaho visit

 We ran up to Idaho the weekend before school started for Tanya to have some dental work done.  It
was a lot of fun to hang out with some more Kellers.  The older kids went over and visited with grandma and grandpa K and then went to lunch.  Betsy taught me how to make freezer jam, and gave me her sister-in-laws cook book.  So far we have made Betsy's rolls, very yummy, the BYU mint brownies, mmmm, and Kelsey's yummy crepes.  Thanks Aunt Betsy!

Troy and Klint got some fishing in, Morgan loved playing Klint's banjo, Suzie and Ana disappeared for hours, Tanya got her root canal, the local Keller's were brave and joined us for dinner at very old diner.  What a fun break before going back to school.  The girls were worried about missing the first football game and stop, but happy for them it all got rained out at home.  Perfect.

Oh, the picture of Grant's mouth was me trying to capture the inch long gash in his mouth he got from an elbow playing basket ball earlier in the week.

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