Monday, October 20, 2014

Fun filled Weekend

 We had a fun filled weekend.  Friday our cousins were down for BYU's Homecoming weekend events.  So we got to go to Frightmares (Lagoon) with them during the day and then we took off for Provo that night.  The boys went to the dunk contest at the Smithfield house and the girls went to the BYU Homecoming Spectacular.  It was really fun.  The theme was 50 years of the arts at BYU.  The HFAC was built 50 years ago and so James C Christensen, artist, spoke throughout all of the performances.  They had one of his characters come to life and they talked back and forth between performances.  I loved it and I think all of the kids enjoyed watching it too.  Even Tanya made it through.

Saturday continued our tradition of carving pumpkins with our friends.  With Grant in the MTC, Laura in college and out with friends, Tanya at work and then Morgan and Calvin went to frightmares our numbers were pretty small!  But we got everyone who was around in the picture ; ).  With or without a jack-o-lantern...

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