Monday, October 13, 2014

Life after the MTC

 Morgan signed up for Taekwondo this past week and added voice lessons to her busy life.  We'll see if we can keep up with her.  Below is Morgan and her friend ready for the stake dance last Saturday. And of course it was pretty cool to see the blood moon last week.

 Today I headed down to Provo to see these awesome friends.  We met 20 years ago in NYC and have decided to start getting together a little more often.  It's been great to catch up and support one another with everything we have going on in our lives.  Today we hiked to the Y and then had falafels for lunch at a restaurant called Auburdens, they serve Mediterranean food.  So yummy & the falafel balls were baked instead of fried.  Even better.  This cute little bakery next door had free shipping to the MTC so we sent Grant some pumpkin bars : ).

Grant ran into Davis this past week.  Thanks Davis for sending us a picture.  I'm so glad you guys were able to see each other in the MTC.

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