Sunday, November 9, 2014

Family visit with Victor

 Victor is at a school called Vista in Magna Utah.  He is doing well.  Catching up on school work and working on relationships.  (We wanted a small school and close so we can see him often and also do therapy with him.  Troy and I go weekly to work with him, but this was the first time the kids have been able to spend time with him since this summer. So it was really great for all of the siblings).  So we had a chance to have a Family day visit with him.  We spent most of the day Saturday with him and it went really well.  He is adjusting and doing better also.  It was good to see him and have some positive time with him.

They have goats a field away from the property and the kids and Troy were highly entertained by them.  We also threw the boomerang and football around, played soccer with some of the other boys there, made no bake cookies and left stuff so Victor could make them for the boys at school with him, we made m&m turkeys for all the staff and boys, watched a movie, played Truco, played some instruments, met their pet bearded dragon and just hung out with Victor.  It was a really good day.  Victor even let Ana sit by him a couple times, which was probably the highlight of her time there... or it could have been the goats.  Tanya and Ana both had to do a little showing off, but it was all reasonable.  Victor's behavior has brought out some of the attachment issues with the girls and so we were prepared and it was all ok.  Fears and boundaries are funny things.  You don't realize how much they play a part in our lives until they turn your life upside down.  Just glad we have found great counselors to help us this round : ).  Love these kids and crazy family of ours.

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