Sunday, November 30, 2014

Thanksgiving in Vegas

 We picked up Victor and headed to Las Vegas for Thanksgiving this year.  We toured around a little bit the night we got there and walked through Caesar's mall, saw the Bellagio fountains, ate some gelato and a few of the children took a late night swim in the hotel pool.  We teased Tanya as she ran from one dressed up character to another to get her picture taken with them.  We finally told her they do it to make money unlike the characters at Disneyland.  In a strange way it sort of is like a warped Disneyland.  Lights, smoke and shows but no one really lives in this bright, lit up town.

The next morning was Thanksgiving and we decided to go see Hoover Dam, after the boys went out toward Red Rock Canyon for a morning bike ride.  We had no idea Morgan would be the most excited and had to ask where the Dam everything was.  Too funny.  The tours were closed due to the holiday, but we enjoyed throwing change over the side and watching the fish.

We enjoyed a buffet thanksgiving dinner.  Everyone ate what they wanted to eat and there were no dishes to clean up afterward, we'll for me anyhow.  We then did a little shopping and checked out the m&m and hershey stores.

Friday Troy had some meetings so I threw the kids in jail and hit the town.  Ha, just kidding.  We all headed to the mob museum.  The craziest thing is that I always thought prohibition was a good thing for the country, but that is really what opened up the underground and black market.  It was amazing how in such a short time the mob took over police departments and politicians.  Our country really could have gone down hill, I had no idea how far  spread the corruption had spread.  We then headed out to see the Las Vegas temple.  My dads construction company built the temple when I was a kid.  We have pictures of my brother, sister and I standing in the front windows before the glass was put in.  That and one of the workers letting us brush a little gold leafing on a doorway is about all I remember.  So it was fun to see the temple, it's really a beautiful building.

Saturday we headed out to Red Rock Canyon.  We stopped at a little town to pet some local wildlife and take a tour through an old mine shaft.  Then to the canyon to climb the rocks, be blown over by the crazy wind, and ride bikes out of the canyon (all down hill).  Good day that ended with some more swimming in the pool and watching a couple movies.  Then Sunday we headed home.  Good times and loved the 70 degree weather.

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