Sunday, December 14, 2014

Last couple weeks in December - it went too fast

 This is a quick review of the last 10 days of December, that somehow got away from me...
Last Tuesday, Dec 4, Morgan performed at the Joseph Smith Memorial building and we rushed home to go shopping with the YW.  We were buying for a family in SLC (a dad and three children).  We had a wonderful time finding toys, stockings and jammies for the family.

Thursday I snuck Morgan out at lunch to get her hair cut, Amy took 5 inches off!  It's so curly and darling.

 Friday, Dec 7th, Morgan performed at Festival of the Trees.  I love walking around and seeing the amazing things people have made and donated, but I always get a little choked up over the trees in memory of family members who have passed away.

 Morgan eating more pomegranates in memory of Grant and Ethan's science project (50 pictures last year to one this year...).  Tuesday night, Dec 9th, was the Hunstman Christmas Dinner.  It was held at Grand America and they had this life size gingerbread house.  It was pretty impressive.  Not as impressive as the Huntsman party of course.

 Then Thursday, Dec 11th, was my baby sister, Kat Tingey's, Christmas concert.  She made a Christmas cd this year and Morgan wrote the lyrics to the song Christmas Eve.  She got to go with Kathryn and record the song - she had them add a banjo and tambourine - and Kat invited her to sing backup vocals on the recording.  Needless to say that Morgan was in heaven : )  My cousin Candice also collaborated with Kat on a couple of songs.  So Morgan and Candice were able to sing with Kathryn at her concert Thursday night.  They were wonderful!  The concert was a lot of fun, although one of our favorite songs was one that isn't on the cd, about Santa bringing her a man for Christmas!  Hilarious, yes she is single, but maybe if she was good this year Santa will find her  a man : ).

Friday night Morgan and I went with friends to the Christmas Concert at the Conference center.  Santino Fantana and the Sesame Puppets performed.  It was really a darling show and we had a wonderful time walking around the mall, eating chocolate, seeing the lights at Temple Square and then attending the concert.  Good times.

 So we're finally to yesterday, Saturday the 13th of December.  We had cousins and friends over all afternoon making cookie trains.  It makes for a crazy, messy day, but we love every minute of it.  (And I'm sure great grandma is smiling that we continue the tradition.  We can't make them without thinking of her).

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