Thursday, December 25, 2014

The week before Christmas

 Ethan and Morgan performing at their Christmas Orchestra Concert.  Beautiful.

Sunday night we had the Tingey Christmas night.  Some musical performances by all of the cousins, gift exchange, ice cream sundays, etc.

Tuesday, after the YW brunch, we picked up Victor and then packed up the car and headed to Idaho to see the Keller cousins.  We spent the night at Lesli's home and were spoiled to wake up to a very yummy breakfast!  We spent some time at Kim Keller's and then headed to Grandma and Grandpa K's for the Christmas Eve festivities.  We had the musical program/talent show, dinner, live nativity, presents from Grandparents and dessert.  Quite the party and after all the girls stood around the piano, playing their instruments and singing pop songs.  So fun to see them hanging out together.

We woke up Christmas morning to skype with Elder Keller.  I had forgot my computer cord, thank heavens we were able to load skype onto Grandma K's ipad!  She saved the day. Our visit with Grant was so sweet and it was so great to see him.  I just love him, he saved the wrapped gifts in his box to open with us, which turned out to be sort of funny because I wrapped a jello box and a jar of peanut butter...  live and learn, next year it will be the cool stuff : ).  We then had a very delicious breakfast at Kim and Sheree's.  They made some really yummy french toast with cream cheese and raspberries inside.  We didn't stay long because it was pretty icy out and we heard it was snowing in Utah.  So we hit the road.  Not too much snow until we hit Ogden, but it was pretty wet and slushy the entire drive.  Glad we were driving while the sun was out.

Low and behold we got home and Santa had already visited our house, it was probably a good thing Tanya had stayed home, for work, to leave a light on for Santa.

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