Saturday, January 17, 2015

Busy Saturday

We got up early Saturday morning so that we could take Morgan to the airport.  She's headed to Argentina and is going to spend third term with the Paradiso Family.  She was excited and nervous and Troy and I were excited and nervous for her (although I was a little more stressing at the beginning of the week).  The day we took her I felt it would all be well as long as she remembered to get her viola from the overhead compartment.  When I spoke to her during her layover in Atlanta I asked if she remembered her viola and she said yes.  There wasn't room in the overhead so the stewardess told her she could hold it on her lap if she would play for everyone on the flight.  : )  Love nice stewardesses.  She put it in the closet at the front of the plane and had it ready for morgan when she got off of the plane.  I'm sure she would have played it on the plane given the chance.  Love that girl and her music.  [side note: I had to make empanadas for dinner Sunday because I knew Morgan would be eating them over the next two months!  Mmmm]

Above Ana had her first tumbling completion of the year.  She did great and has improved so much, just struggled a little bit on her landings so took 6th on floor and 2nd on mini tramp (first year doing mini tramp).
Ethan, below, had his first indoor Lacrosse game Saturday.  After going to the wrong building we got him there and they put him right in.  The second half he played most of the time and had a great game.  The team lost, but it was easier for me to follow on the indoor field than outside.  Now that I followed the game a little bit better I think I'll enjoy the spring season when we head back outdoors.

 these were taken the Tuesday before.  I got together Tuesday night with NYC girl friends and we went bowling.  It was fun to visit, bowl and catch up. 

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