Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Celebrating 21 years of marriage

 Troy and I took off for Puerto Rico to celebrate our 20th Anniversary last year... Yes, last year was a little bit busy so we didn't really celebrate our 20th anniversary.  And with our anniversary being in December it makes it difficult to get away.  Our 10 year anniversary we went to Argentina.  We sent Morgan to Argentina the same weekend we headed off to Puerto Rico.  So, with all that we headed off to somewhere warm and sunny.  And had a wonderful time.

We stayed at the Intercontinental Hotel in Isla Verde on the beach.  It was a beautiful spot and wonderful beach.   Our first day we sat on the beach and read books, well, I sat on the beach and read books while Troy had 6 conference calls : )  Poor man.  He did sneak out at lunch and ride a jet ski out in the ocean for a bit between calls.  Then we headed off to dinner in San Juan (the old town area).  We ate ate Barrachina and had Paella and Pina Coladas.  They claim to be the birth place of pina coladas and they were very yummy.  Of course Troy got one more call during dinner...

 The next day we drove out to a cave and saw the huge radio telescope.  It was a bit of a drive, but worth seeing.  We've had to laugh with the driving in Puerto Rico.  I guess with 3 million people on a small island you get some crazy drivers.  As Troy put it, 95% of the drivers are great if not very cautious and then the other 5% are insane and crazy. (zooming in and out, cutting people off right and left).  We also saw some iguanas on the side of the road that were pretty cool.

(this is for Grant, whenever he meets someone on the mission he takes a picture with a big smile and points at them, so I took a few to send to him : )

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