Monday, January 26, 2015

saw a couple other beaches

We slept over at a little motel, Parador Combate, so we could see a couple beautiful beaches on the other side of Puerto Rico.  We swam in this beautiful little cove, Bahia Sucia beach, it was a little cooler than the water on our side of the beach, but gorgeous.  With yummy soft sand.  We saw manta rays jumping out of the water where we were swimming.

We then headed to another beach on our way back to our hotel.  It was called boat wreck beach.  We saw black and yellow fish swimming in the water.  These two cute kids were feeding bread to the fish and would then jump in and swim with them off of the pier.  This beach was great away from the food and picnic tables, that area was pretty dirty with lots of garbage.  Also bathrooms were yucky.  But if you have snorkeling gear it would be a great place to snorkel.

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