Monday, January 12, 2015

sledding with cousins and Victor is 17!

 Over Christmas break we had cousins and friends stay with us.  We didn't get pictures of the Paradiso's or Kims family, sorry guys.  The last Thursday of the break Grayce and Mason stayed over and they went sledding Friday morning at the golf course.  You can tell my kids are growing up because I dropped them off and came back an hour later to pick them up from sledding.  I had no desire to go with them and now that Ethan and Ana have phones...  there just wasn't a reason to stay. The last picture is Mason getting one last short run in before heading home.  They would have stayed longer, but Troy was taking the kids to do baptisms for the dead at noon.  I found pictures.

Below are pictures of Victor with his snickers cake.  He turned 17 (today, but we celebrated yesterday).  He was home for the weekend so Saturday we went out to dinner for his birthday.  He picked the Golden Corral, it wasn't quite as wonderful as he remembered it.  (This must be due to Grandpa no longer owning it : ).  There are pictures of Victor skiing last week with his therapist and last of all we ran up this morning to the DMV, before I took him back to school, and he got his learners permit!  Very exciting.  I won't have to drive him on any dates he goes on next school year.

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Yeah of Victor getting his learners!