Sunday, February 22, 2015

Carlin in Paris day 3

Day three.  We got up to go to church, but were a bit late getting out the door so we decided to head straight to Versaille.  We took the subway to a train and weren't quite sure which track the train would arrive on.  We got talking to another couple there who were from Barcelona Spain.  They were incredibly nice and helped us figure out the train schedule.  As we were talking with them we told them we were from Utah and they told us about a girl who was their daughters roommate in Austria and she had been from Salt Lake Utah.  She ended up spending a summer living with them and they really liked her.  She leaves in the next week or so to serve a mission in Peru.

So we did make it to Versaille.  It was amazing.  The palace was quite impressive and the grounds just went on and on and on.  We spent at least 5 hours touring the palace and grounds.  It was a little crazy that at another end of the property they built a smaller palace to get away from their world and then Marie Antoinette built another home and farm to try to simplify life more.  It was sad to see that they were trying to simplify their lives to be happy, yet they still weren't happy or satisfied.  To bad they never tried giving away some of the opulence that surrounded them to live the simpler life. Although I was impressed that it is all still standing today.  So many things were plundered and destroyed during wars and yet this palace was still pretty intact, especially after the King and Queen were beheaded.

On our way home we stopped at Notre Dame again and got a few pictures in the daylight and then we walked over to the Latter-Day Saints Visitor Center.  A couple missionaries were there, Elder Martin and Elder Ho and a member, Oliver. The Elders are serving in the Paris France Chinese speaking mission.  So Elder Ho is learning French and English and Elder Martin is learning Chinese and French (he knew some before his mission).  We visited with them for a little bit and then they walked us to the subway.  So sweet of them.    We picked up chinese food on the way home and some bakery treats and candy.  Then packed so we could get up early to catch our plane to INDIA!  Very exciting...

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