Wednesday, February 25, 2015

day 2 in India

Ok, we slept in a little bit and then we headed out to see some Hindi and Muslum Temples and a Church before we headed to the airport at noon to catch our flight to New Delhi.  Our driver, Anand?, took us to this Hindu Temple first and told us a little bit about how they worship.  Inside, at the top, they have four different areas for different Gods that you could take an offering to and ask for a blessing.  Some temples are only for one specific God.  A very popular God seems to be Ganesh.  He has the body of a man, but the head of an elephant.  I did like all of the bright colors that they use to decorate their temples with.  Of course I also like all of the elephants too.

Another Hindu Temple.  They were reading inside with a Guru the people were following.  People bring offerings of flowers and coconuts, sometimes money.  In this temple they were cracking the coconuts open and then you could pay to have a handful, yes they poured it right into your hand and then you drank/licked it off your hand.  Interesting.

Loved all of these flowers.  These different types of flowers are made for weddings.  The one above is what they will attach at the top of the back of their head and it hangs down their hair.  The others you wear around your neck.

The cows are Holy so people come and buy a special grass to feed them.  You can't move the cows because they are Holy so if they are in the road you just have to wait until they move out of your way.

This temple is a very popular temple.  They wouldn't let us take pictures inside.  There was a long line of people with their offerings waiting to get inside.  They took their offerings up to the counter and their were Holy Men that would take the offering and would keep half of the offering and then return the tray half full with other items.  There would be other statues or Gods on the way out and they would feed these statues or place their flowers on them and then whisper in the statues ear, asking for a blessing.  In this temple their were 4 large statues of rats on the way out and the people were feeding their treats to them (just mushing the treats on their mouth and then wisher in the rats ear.  It was interesting, a bit strange to us westerners.

Candle sold at this Catholic Church.

We made our flight to New Delhi and had a yummy fruit tray on the flight.  After we checked into the hotel we met some missionaries, one had been serving in Mumbai, and took them to dinner.  It was fun to chat with them.  We then tried to go to the market, but it was closed for the evening.  So our driver took us to see the Gate of India, but the park around it was closed too.  So we drove around it, took a couple pictures and turned in for the night.  We had to leave at 5 am to catch our train to Agra the next morning!

Oh, I forgot, we stopped by this Sihk Temple on our way back to the hotel.  It was all gold inside.  A very beautiful structure and it was pretty busy so it must be a popular temple.

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