Saturday, February 28, 2015

Day 5 in India

On our last shopping day we got up and drove by the salt flats...  on our way to a market Heather hadn't been too, but that was suppose to have everything.  It was what I imagined markets in India looking like.  There is a food section including live birds and then there was clothes and shoes and silks across the street.  We got some crazy pillow covers, table runners, I got 2$ shoes that I wore to church the next day, travel bags, spices and some paper cups for Heather's school class.  I am grateful for online shopping, target, costco and the mall.  It's sort of tiring to have to barter for every little thing!  The picture of me with the cute Indian girl was to say thank you for helping us get a good deal on some white shirts that they wear there.  She told us what the non-american price was : )  She was really cute and had a darling little boy with her.

  It started to rain on us while we were shopping so when we got to the laundry most of it was bundled up and we didn't take a tour, just a few pictures.  I guess this place is usually packed with men washing the clothes in the basins under the drying lines.  They use a natural hot spring for the wash water.  And live in the surrounding shacks.  

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