Monday, February 9, 2015

Grant's 14th week out in the mission field/first transfer

This week we only taught two lessons. It was really sad. Elder D got here and literally everyone we had ever taught just wasn't available. We spent almost all of our time out contacting and searching out less actives because we couldn't set appointments. Elder D is strange. He sleeps through exercises in the morning, although I did get him to go and run with me twice, and he doesn't have a lot of energy to go and do. 

When we first got back from the train station, after swapping companions, Elder D opened up his biggest suit case with all of his clothes and spread them out on the floor. For the rest of the week this became his clean clothes pile. He would wake up, walk over to the heap of clothes, and put it on his body. It's disgusting that he leaves his clothes there, it's even grosser when you think that the spot where he leaves his clothes was the spot that I used to do all of my exercises. 

Elder D's favorite food is chicken nuggets and potato balls. Yes they have chicken nuggets in France, Yes potato balls are deep fried mash-potato's rolled up into tiny balls. I am starting to imagine that this is how mom feels. So I made a goal to eat healthier this week. Although he doesn't eat healthy he does have a healthy sense of humor! He jokes often and makes light of most situations throughout the day.

But don't think that Elder D is a bad missionary. Once we get outside and start contacting people he fills with energy. He is a great contacter and is pretty funny! He gets along really well with Laruant and Anthony so that's awesome! and during the two lessons we had this week he was really sensitive to the spirit and honestly gave a lot of effort in teaching.

 I know that this next week is going to be good though! After a whole week of no responses our ami with the baptismal date(Thibaut) decided to see us today. I think that for a whole week of contacting we really didn't contact as many people as we could have. So I plan on bumping up effectiveness. This week will  be better; we will talk to more people, we will be even more delightful, and we will eat a more colorful array of foods!

Sorry for the short email, with lots of contacting there isn't much to write about. Heck, we still haven't even seen Brandon Davies yet.
But, I am happy! :D  and the weather is getting better, or so the church website says. I sure hope with prophets and evangelists we can make a good weather forecast.
Elder Keller

I found this picture on Laraunt's facebook page and copied it.  Laraunt, Elder Perry and Grant at Christmas time

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