Friday, February 27, 2015

India day 4 buddhist caves

 So we made it back from the Taj safe and sound and decided to go see the Buddhist caves today.  We drove through the jungle instead of the freeway and passed a couple towns (still all in Mumbai) where you could see a little more of daily life.

There seem to be monkeys at all of the tourist attractions.  We got to the caves and yes, there were monkeys hanging out.  We walked up through the caves where Buddhist and non-Hindus would store money and goods for travelers along the trade route.  Since they didn't fall under a specific group of people in the Hindu caste system they were outcasts.  But when the Hindu's saw they were propheting here they added that one of the Hindi God's had been Buddhist?  Hmm, I might not remember that correctly, I'll have to check with Heather.  She was the best guide ever.  So these caves and carvings were in use around 100 bc.  It's amazing that they are so well preserved.  You can walk around the rooms and touch the carvings, fall into water wells, etc.  haha nothing quite meets the code in the usa, OSHA would have a hayday here.

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