Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Morgan's home from Argentina : )

 Morgan spent this last quarter of school down in Argentina with the Paradiso Family.  They were so sweet to take her in for their summer!  She took her classes online and had to learn spanish to communicate with most everyone in Argentina. Deby and Diane/Diana taught her to cook lots of different things and she loved playing music with Lysette and has started playing songs on the piano since she has been home.  She said she enjoyed spending some time with the sister missionaries too, even went shopping with them on one of their p-days.  She also got to spend time with Tati in Buenos Aires, she said she was a little stressed about the bus and plane rides home and hopefully wasn't too grumpy with Tati.  She did get on the bus from Santa Rosa to Buenos Aires and  I picked her up from the airport Wednesday morning and she was so excited to see the beautiful Utah mountains again : ).  She's been chatty and playing music since she has been home and it's fun to have her noise back in the house.

 We got a little bit of snow in March, not much but enough to try and make a snowman.  The next week it was in the 70's and they were playing basket ball on the same sport court.

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