Sunday, April 19, 2015

April going ons

 This steps back into March for a moment.  Morgan came home from Argentina.  She got home a week before spring break and kids were still in school and I thought we would be able to spend some time together, but as usual, lots of running around was the case.  Finally, I think it was Thursday, I said we are going out.  So we saw a movie and had some ice cream and just got to hang together and talk through the movie : )  Glad we got a moment together before reality hit.  The picture with the YW was a pink bunny/white elephant exchange we did for YW.  Such cute girls, I love them so much.  I tell my beehives they are the sunshine in my life.

So then Spring Break arrived.  We went to Victor's graduation from Vista that Friday and early Saturday morning Troy took Victor, Ethan and Ana with him to St. George for 5 days.  I stayed home with Tanya, who had work, and Morgan who was supposed to get caught up on her schoolwork, her online classes that she took with in Argentina.  Not too much of that happened other than 30 chapters of Seminary!  Tuesday I asked the girls if they wanted to do something. They said they were going shopping.  I asked if I could go because I had some returns and they told me they were picking up a tie for Tanya to send to Will for his birthday and then going to a movie.  They were having some girl time.  Sigh, I was sad for a few minutes, but then I was glad that they were excited to spend some time together.  I love that they get along so well.  So I had a very quiet day at home, a trip to costco where I got me some lunch and flowers and then went through the car wash.  Not a bad day at all.  I spent many hours over spring break scanning in pictures from before my digital camera days and scanning in what I could find of pictures I lost from my mac computer days.  Still not an apple fan due to a couple years worth of pictures lost - that computer crashed twice in two years and they couldn't figure out why or save anything.  So sad.  Moving on....

 Morgan likes to hang out under the desk with the dog.  This is a cute picture I scanned in of Laura and Grant when they were little.  Love those red lips.  In the hospital the nurses all called Grant the rose bud baby because he had these little puckered red lips : )

Who knew that the Easter Bunny would come visit a house of teenagers?!?  My mom found my old Easter basket, the blue bunny, from my childhood days and I wasn't sure what to do with it.  But Ethan thought it was great and wanted to use it for Easter this year.  Guess it will be around for Easters to come.

 Morgan drove Ana and I up to Kathryn's for Ana's guitar lesson a couple weeks ago and we ran through In-n-out burger for dinner.  Her second time through a drive through.  The first time she was so far away she could hardly reach the food and this time she was a bit close.  Look closely and you can see the tire is up on the curb.  I couldn't resist a picture.  Below is Morgan's trip schedule to San Francisco for the school orchestra trip.  She had a wonderful time and the WX orchestra took first place!

 Two weeks ago we got a little bit of snow and I was worried about my fruit trees freezing, it didn't get below 36 degrees so I figured they were safe....  to be continued

 Saw these at the world market.  I have a favorite cartoon (British) that I watch when we go to Bear Lake every summer and the boat is called the Jammie Dodgers.  I now know what it's named after.  Love it.
Ana had her state tumbling meet on the 11th of April.  It was in at Salt Lake Community College.  She did well.  There were 31 girls in her age/level group and she took 17th.  She had a great practice run and stuck her landing, but on both of her tumbling runs that she was judged on she struggled on her landing, but she did hold her three seconds even though they were rough landings.  She's progressed so much this year.

... Then last Tuesday.  Stacey Wesemann and I were setting up the church and running around getting food for the YM/YW etiquette dinner and the wind was blowing like crazy.  It blew our heavy trailer down the driveway and our garbage cans over to the Fellers yard.  And about 6:30 the wind stopped and the snow started to fall and fall and fall.  Now I really do hope my fruit trees made it.  We had about 10 hours at 30 degrees.  I don't know if that is too long or not, we'll see this summer.

 Tanya got asked to Prom!  Super exciting.   A guy in her seminary class named Jared.  He took her out to eat and the sign and shoes were sitting in the bench at the restaurant.  Ana made 30+ bracelets for one of her 10 hour young women personal progress projects and donated them to the girls in the shelter that the stake was taking blankets to this month.  Good job Ana I know that they will love them.

 Tanya answering to Prom, they will have a BALL.

Our cute niece, Maggie, was in the musical Hairspray.  I just couldn't resist running up to Idaho, Ethan and Ana came along, to visit with Betsy and to see Maggie perform.  She did a wonderful job and was the prettiest girl on the stage!  Loved it.  Lesli's family came and Sheree and her kids met us for dinner (at Panda Express) and came to the show too.  There were 19 of us total and we took up
one whole middle row.  It was fun to see the Keller cousins and to hang out and watch Maggie sing her heart out ; )

Sunday we made it home in time to visit with our sweet home teachers, the Olson's, and to Ethan's court of honor!  Great weekend.

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