Monday, April 20, 2015

Letter from Grant this week: April 20, 2015

Subject: This week on, BREAKING FRANCE!!

Wooo! has been the word of the week. Although, our transfer calls got moved to this wednesday. Sorry, I still don't know if I will stay or go.

One of the members, Julio, in Rodez has the girl living with him. Her name is Aniesse. She is the bane of our missionary existence in Rodez. She doesn't want to marry Julio and really just does not like us. She plans activities with Julio after we have planned meetings with him just to get him to not go. I may sound biased but trust me i'm not! She laughs during the prayers and disrupts our lessons with him with her atheist banter. Anywho, our last meeting with her went really really well. Why? Because we got to teach her! That's right! This week someone posed the question "which came first, the chicken or the egg?" yes this is a very big dilemma in France. Basically, the conclusion that she came to was "god must have put one of them on the earth first". From there Elder Gossel and I took this as an opportunity to teach! We explained that because god made the chicken he therefore must have made the Earth! And he made the earth because...then we explained the entire plan of salvation. I felt like Ammon teaching King Lamoni! Building off what little information she had and by the end she said she believed that the entire plan of salvation must be correct! It was a wonderful experience and we look forward to teaching Aniesse more!

We engaged two more people to baptism this week. Earlier this week, while porting, I called all of the old contacts in the phone and fixed a Rondez-vous with a man named George! When we went to the Rondez-vous later that week we were greeted by two africans! George and his wife Blanche(Blanche means white in French but she is not white...she is african) We taught them the gospel of Jesus Christ and they were both incredibly receptive! Infact, asking them to be baptized just flowed into the lesson, it felt really natural. They agreed, we fixed a date in two transfers from now, and they both wanted to come to church tomorrow. It felt to easy. We later learned that the members really have struggled in the past to intigrate George and Blanche. There are no members with cars that can drive them to church and George and Blanche do not have money to take a train. Basically, they would have been baptized a while ago if they could get to church. We will likely continue teaching them and trying to find a way. 

Elder Gossel has been working me hard this week. This was easily one of my more stressed out weeks. We missed 5 out of our 7 language study hours due to Rondez-Vous during those times. We also skipped dinner twice to accommodate for lessons and extra contacting time. So, as dad would say, "we built a lot of character" this week.

Those were the highlights for the week!

Madame Gill has a testimony that the book of mormon is true and that Joseph Smith was a prophet. We are rearranging her date for baptism so that she can go on vacation with her grand kids.

We have been having less and less contact with Norrick. its realy sad. However we will see him tomorrow! :D we are going to change things up a bit in the way that we teach him...... fingers crossed.

We have almost officially lost a less active this week. Good members making/saying really stupid things to her. 

Thankyou for your support! It is good to hear from yall!

Elder Keller

 District meeting, I'm guessing exploring on pday and playing basketball at zone conference...

This was our zone Pday in Toulouse. We had another exchange with the zone leaders...We got to play basketball underneath this super cool bridge next to the college! I met this chinese guy named Yane and we got to be pretty good friends by the end of the day. The chinese elders got his number so hopefully they can start teaching him!

Another missionary posted this on his blog this week:
Anyway! We had another exchange with the district leader, Elder Gossel and Elder Keller. I went with Elder Keller. He is cool. He is just in his fourth transfer. He is in the same group as Elder Brill. Our exchange was pretty "relaxed". We took and hour and a half bus ride to a members house, did service, ate pizza and left. And that was our exchange! haha

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