Thursday, June 4, 2015

Tanya's Graduation!

What, onion rings?  Yep, for lunch Victor wanted to make onion rings.  I said fine if it was out on the grill, because I didn't want to go to graduation smelling like onion rings : )

We got the early graduation time this year, so around 2pm we went out and took a few photos. We learned last year with Grant that you have to return your gown before leaving the building so we didn't get good photos of him in his gown and I didn't buy the ones they take down by the stage...  So we got a couple pictures and then headed to the Regional center for graduation!

Tanya did wonderful and graduated with honors for having a 3.6 overall GPA, which is amazing since school was still difficult for her two years ago.  These past two and a half years she was reading in English more, texting more and things began to make more sense for her. She even took an interior design class through Weber State for college credit this year and did great! She has worked incredibly hard and has had all A's and B's these past two years, in fact last term she had all A's so we went and got our nails done.  We are so proud of all of her hard work and what a wonderful and beautiful woman she has become.  What a change from our feisty 12 year we adopted 6 years ago from Ukraine, who refused to read any English for 3 years!  We never could have guessed then that she would do so well these past 3 years.

Graduation was lovely, an hour and 45 minutes total (much shorter than the 3 hours last year!).  She would tell you that she did trip going down the first set of stairs at the beginning when they walk in and sit down.  It was hardly noticeable, even though Troy said, I just got a picture of her tripping.  And she wasn't the only one to have trouble on those stairs :).  I just tease her that it was the 5 inch heels she was wearing and every time she defends her heel choice so I think she would do it the same way just to wear those shoes :).

After graduation we picked up the rest of the kids (we only get 4 tickets, so we invited grandma and grandpa Tingey to come with us) and headed to a room troy had reserved at Little America's Coffee House.  We had a wonderful time visiting and eating and walking around the gift shop.  We then headed home so Tanya could head off to the All Night Party at the High School.

We love you Tanya and are so proud of all you have accomplished so far!  Keep shining and doing amazing things.

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