Tuesday, July 7, 2015

4th of July Activities


July 2nd we swam at Grandma and Papa's (well Ana swam with the cousins) and we BBQ'd, then the cousins came home with us to sleep over.  By then it was 10pm and we had to kick Ethan and Victor off of the xbox - after 9 1/2 hours of play time, so much for playing from 1-4pm : (

They rented Paddington and watched it then went to bed :).  The next day we got jobs done and the kids had a Movie watching afternoon!  Then we got some ice block and the kids made a slip n' slide in the backyard and had Popsicles.    That night we grilled dinner with Tricia, Justin and Nash and then watched the NSL fireworks from our driveway!  We still saw a lot of fireworks and didn't have to jostle with the crowds.  Victor and Morgan went over and watched them with friends at the golf course.  Then we watched one of the xmen movies.  Late nights!

Saturday we were up to get Ana to the parade and food to the neighborhood breakfast.  Morgan was the only one who ate there, Troy and I grabbed breakfast at Paradise Bakery and then watched Ana tumble with her Fuzion tumbling team in the parade!  She was darling as usual.  Happy 4th!  So grateful to live and worship in America.  We are very blessed.

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