Monday, February 8, 2016

letter from Grant -- February 8, 2016

 We started our week out, on Monday like normal, and we had a zone
Pday which is always fun. The Chalon elders (elder Blake Wilson) came
down and we hung out and caught up all Pday. We took a ride on the
fairs wheel and went to the zoo to play ultimate frisbee! Oh!
    Geneva is always so beautiful! We went up to help the Geneva Spanish
elders are moving to a city called Ferney Voltaire. I think I have
already talked about Ferney but it's a cute little city. Ferney sits
maybe a five minute walk from the Swiss border and so basically
everyone living there gets the benefits of living in France but if
they work in Genva they get payed a TON. In Swiss, minimum wage is
around fourteen Frank's an hour, and the Swiss frank is doing better
than the euro.
    Anywho, we moved the Spanish elders out, the old apartment was really
gross. Voila. The new apartment is smaller but less gross.
    We got back on Friday so we had two days to proselyte! We also set up
a rondez-vous with Olivier. He is doing well, he is curious to know
more but during the closing prayer thanked God for how understanding
we are that he will never join our church. So, that's great. We got a
new potential. She is Protestant. We will see how that goes.
Anywho, Je vous anime, que Dieu vous bénisse, other French phrases.

Right off to the right of my head, in the photo, hidden in the clouds is mount blanc.

Elder Smith (spanish speaker) on the left and elder carlson on the right.

Avec Amor,
Elder Keller

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