Thursday, September 29, 2016

Belgium Sept 25th - Sept 29th (Sunday-Thursday)

 Uncle Mikey took us to the aiport and Troy, Grant and I flew off to Europe to go tour Grant's mission with him for a couple weeks.  1st stop Belgium.  We flew into Paris and took a train up to Brussels for Troy to do some work for a few days.  Grant and I's first day of wandering consisted of wandering around the city, seeing the famous statue of the little boy peeing, shopping for Grant some clothes (he wanted to get pants in Europe not the states).  Tried to find some books to get for Grant to read in French, but we couldn't find the ones that he wanted.  Of course we bought some chocolate too, which we ate that night back at the hotel while watching a movie and waiting for Troy :)

Day two, Grant and I first stopped off at the Museum of Brussels right in the main square.  Then we took the train up to Ghent to see another side of Belgium.  There we wander around.  We ran into the sister missionaries!  So darling, great girls.  Then we walked along the river and to the city center and down what we call cathedral row (6 cathedrals along one street!) and then we had soup for a late lunch.  It's difficult to eat late in Belgium and France. After 2pm lunch closes and only drinks are served until dinner, so we just take what we can get.  We then toured the castle with the crazy torture chamber in the basement, wild.  Sang a little madame guillotine from Scarlet Pimpernel in the guillotine room then headed back for dinner with Troy and __ from Huntsman. 

Day three in Brussels.  Late check out, so we enjoyed our last inclusive breakfast of the trip in which I had an omelet and pain du chocolat, or chocolate bread with fruit every morning.  Wonderful.  

There was a protest going on in the main square, the civil servants were picketing.  They were lighting off firecrackers, like M80's, loud bang and smoke.  Poor Grant jumped a foot when the first one went off.  So we headed a bit out of the city center and went to the war and air museum.  We then caught up with Troy and headed to the train station for some waffles for dinner and onto Lyon!!  We got in at midnight, super nice cab driver took us and all of our bags, we were taking christmas stockings to the mission home for the missionaries that don't get a package from home at christmas.  I know, poor Troy and Grant had to lug 4 huge suitcases/duffel bags for me!  

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