Wednesday, February 13, 2013


The beginning of February and we finally got a small glimse of blue sky.  Below was Grant's second indoor track meet. 

 More of Tanya playing basket ball.  This was the night of the crazy ice storm and I slid down a street in Layton trying to get to the game, took me 15 minutes to slide from snow pile to snow pile to get out.  Crazy weather.  I don't have pictures, but Brett and Calvin came and stayed with us this weekend.  Took Morgan skiing with them on Saturday -- it had been two years since Morgan had skiied and it took her half the day to get comfortable again.  While I'm talking about skiing... Victor got his F's up enough to be able to ski with the jr. high school.  We are still having issues, but he has started trying with Troy and has joined the living again (I think because Troy told him he could get a job if he was going to quit school, seems to be working).

 This is YW basket ball.  I love being in with the beehives, they have brightened up my life.  Make me laugh all the time, I was so afraid of the calling and it's been a blessing.

 Grant ran the two mile last Friday.

 Cute beehives and Morgan again, love my girls.

 Battle of the Bands, go Grant!