Tuesday, April 17, 2012


 Grant asked Danny to Prom with a book and she answered YES with a cute bag of smile gum balls.

For the day activity Grant and Hunter took the girls to the new city creek mall and had to take pictures of themselves to see which couple found the most:
Most Emo outfit
Most Expensive outfit
Most Preppy outfit
Most rocker outfit
Most Nerdy outfit
Most Retro outfit
Most Country outfit

Grant didn't try on any full outfits, just hats and glasses... they did try on a 500$ pair of glasses.  Exciting.

 Handsome Grant ready to pick up Danny for prom.  They went to the Cheese cake factory, then the dance at the Salt Palace and then to Jensens for some creme brule - Jennifer makes it super yummy and even fires the sugar on top.  Sounds like they had a great time.  He did say they played a lot of undance able music, but other than that they had a great time.

 Super cute!

 Got the girls home at midnight, good man.  Love ya Grant.  Glad you had a great second date!

Happy Birthday Ethan and Ana

 Ethan turned 10 before spring break.  All he wanted was a day of fishing with Troy.  So Troy took him up to the snake river on his birthday.  I gave him a bow and arrow, not as cool as a day of fishing.  All Ana wanted for her 11th birthday was an I-touch, so we took it a notch lower and got her a nook.  Which has been super exciting for her to have something with games and music on it.  So Monday night we had cake and ice cream for the two of them.  Happy birthday to my babies who are growing up so fast!

Easter Sunday with Kellers and then home

 We attended Klint's ward since Grandma and Grandpa had stake conference.  The kids went to class with cousins and loved it.  Tanya received her patriarcle blessing from Grandpa Keller Sunday afternoon.  Then we headed to Klint and Betsy's home for a yummy Easter dinner and then a little birthday cake for Ana.  After which the older kids hid easter eggs for the younger kids.  Fun, fun, fun.