Friday, September 30, 2016

Lyon Friday, September 30th

We got up and Troy and Grant headed off to get breakfast and pick up the rental car.  Then, first stop, to drop off the Christmas stockings that Jan Golightly put together for the missionaries that don't get packages from home at Christmas.  Yep, three bags (two shown) we dropped off at the mission office.  Grant and Troy were supper happy to not have to haul those 45lb bags around anymore ;).  

We then headed down to meet Tein at the confluence museum in Lyon.  She was a student that Grant baptized.  It was fun to meet her and the museum is really beautiful and well put together, we really enjoyed it.  

We then headed out of town to Brive to get foot long eclairs that Grant has been talking about for two weeks.  We met up with elders Abney and Bentley and got crepes for dinner.  Then continued our drive into Rodez.  Again we got in late, but we made it to Rodez.  Nice little hotel.

September Reflections

 Follow up on Ethan's jaw and all seems to be healing just fine.  Tanya's friend got married.  We had to have one of our big beautiful trees in the front yard cut down, it had split down the middle and was falling over onto the neighbors home.  Ethan and Troy went over memorial weekend to help with clean up efforts in Louisiana after the flooding a few weeks before.

 We got a new baby turtle, Yoda.  Ethan rescued him from drowning in our swimming pool during a rain storm.  Best day was Sept 13th and Grant returned home from serving a two year LDS mission in France.  So great to have him home safe and sound.  Picture below is standards night for the youth.

Grant and I had a great week together.  Bike ride to the park, shopping for clothes (especially for some clothes for 95 degree Texas) swimming, eating out, catching fish, turtles and lizards (that are everywhere)...

 Grant reported on the 18th of September.  My parents came down and I didn't get a single picture of them when we went out to eat or up to Troy's office or on our neighborhood walks!  How can that be?  Grant gave a wonderful talk in church and Morgan played the Viola for the rest hymn, If I Could Hie to Kolob.  It was a lovely meeting and Troy taught Sunday School.

 Grant made us his famous, made from scratch, sloppy joes that he perfected on the mission ; )
We snuck up to College Station and took the Elders to lunch (Grant and Elder Roberts ran cross country together at Woods Cross HS).  He is serving in our mission, Houston Texas North mission.

  Thursday night we flew up to SLC for Victor and MJ's wedding.  Grandma came with Morgan, Ana and I to get our hair done Friday morning.  We were going to have family pictures done Friday night but it rained all day so we cancelled them.  Instead Ericka took Morgan's senior pictures, which was fitting since this is our child who loves to run, play, dance and sing in the rain :)

 Victor and MJ married, more pics in a separate post.  Uncle Mikey was down hunting Elk and ended up taking us to the airport.  We left Sunday for Belgium and France!  My mom flew back with Ana, Morgan and Ethan... somehow she survived!  (We aren't home yet, but I've heard of Ana throwing waffles at Ethan, Ethan flooding the bathroom by leaving the shower running, Morgan driving too fast and scaring Grandma so we got our home teacher to drive her to the airport, Morgan's phone died had to get a new phone, Ana turning off her parental app (3rd time, seriously), Morgan hitting her front bumper as she backed out of the garage scratching it up...)

We are still in France, the boys are fly fishing today.  It was a little rainy so I went to the spa and am catching up on photo stuff, it's been a very busy couple weeks!  Belgium and France pictures will be in separate posts :)