Sunday, February 26, 2012


 Grant had his Eagle Court of Honor tonight.  It went really well and was a really good night.  Grant and Nate each talked about a memorable scouting event and the dads spoke for a minute about Grant and Nate.  They recieved their pins and were welcomed into the Eagles nest.  Their past and present Scout/YM leaders spoke and read a bit about becoming an Eagle.  Then we watched slide shows of their projects, both very nice and thoughtful projects.  Grant made the blankets he sent to Anya to deliever to orphanages in the Ukraine.  Nate made carnival games for the Austism Fair, super cute.  Both boys have a heart of gold and wonderful spirits.  We then had an ice cream bar with Texas Sheet Cake and Aly's Almond Sheet Cake.  Super Yummy!  Great night in honor of our boys!

Medieval Days at the Elementary

 Thursday was Medieval days at the Elementary school.  The kids had been working towards becoming ladies and knights with their dot charts.  Ana had been telling us for the past two weeks that she was going to be a knight and Ethan was going to be a knight.  So much to my surprise the day before Ana announced she was going to be a princess and Ethan announced that he was going to be an archer/thief guy, like Robin Hood.  Good thing we have lots of dress ups.  Ana was a blue and pink princess and Ethan was some cloaked archer.  They had a great time and lots of fun games set up and made castles and catapults.  They even had an awesome banquet for lunch!

Presidents weekend, St. George

 I drove down to St. George with my mom over Presidents weekend to walk through the parade of homes.  There were a couple wow homes and a couple with the greys that I like.  Here are just some random pictures of some things we saw.

More February

Victor had to bake something for his CTE class, he choose Texas Sheet Cake.  He did a great job.  It turned out super moist and yummy.

My parents gave us a ping pong table for Christmas this year.  We finally got it set up and in use.  The kids love it and play all the time.  I'm really the only one who hasn't used it much - little to intense for me.  Ethan was working with me and showing me how to play the other day, he won every game!

My sister-in-law, Tiffany, designs and sews bags.  She is very talented and when I saw this one I just had to get it.  Love it, isn't it darling!?!?
Happy Valentines Day!  Ana and Ethan made monster Valentine boxes for their class party last week.  They turned out great, such cleaver kids.  As usual they came home with tons of candy and cards, they had a great class party.
Tanya's had a great basketball season again this year. She's enjoyed it even more this year because she says she can understand the coach. They won their first game in the
JV tournament, but lost their second game. Good thing the HS tournament is next week, she still has some more ball to play. The photos are from the second game.