Sunday, August 22, 2010

Week in review

Troy picked up some beautiful flowers from the farmers market last weekend, while I was helping my mom set up for a wedding lunch.

Wednesday was the kids first day back to school. Little bit on the stressful side as you can see.

Morgan went to another cooking class and made these yummy Australian version on rice crispy treats. Super yummy.

Then Friday the kids set up tents in the neighbors back yard. We have the best neighbors we have had anywhere we have lived, here on this street. The kids roasted marshmelows for smores and then camped out.

So, Troy has wanted to know why I mostly post pictures any more and don't write a lot. It's hard for me to write about our life any more. We try to keep this positive because it is our family blog and I like to print it out, sort of as a photo album/journal for us every year. Almost weekly we (Tanya and I) have some sort of issue. With her attachement disorder (she hasn't bonded with Troy or I and she doesn't have a bond even with her biological siblings) and she is still in a constant state of fear. It's a million times better than when she got here, but she still cannot relax or just be or really enjoy things. She is learning to breath and calm her self down when her anxiety and thoughts get away from her. But compaired to Ana and Victor she has a long ways to go with her English and school, mostly because she can't remember things when she is afraid. Which is difficult because she is afraid a lot and is still afraid of me, thanks to her biological mother abusing her. So if I am too nice or things have been good for a week or so she will sabatage it or try to get me in trouble with Troy (love manipulation).
So this year is just going to be more of a photo journal than journaling. It's too much for me to type about our relationships and the relationships of the kids right now and it will just drag me down to share all of the crappy motherhood stuff. It's just been a fight to keep myself from becoming too depressed. There are positives too and while I was gung ho trying to solve everyones problems and taking lots of classes I learned tons of stuff. It was just too much all at once and I got burned up. So we are starting over with baby steps just working on relationships. So on the positive, Ana and Victor have done really well this year. Both of their English has impoved quite a bit this summer. A few friends have recently pointed out how easy it is to understand Victor, I think we are just used to him and hadn't noticed how much he has improved. Plus Tanya sucks the life out of everyone, it's easy to forget we have five other children. Victor is also doing well with math and his comprehension continues to increase every day. This school year will be big for Ana as we will see how we can help her with her speach and learning disorders. She is bright and clever, she just has to learn differently. But happy and helpful. So some things are good and getting better. Yeah.

Pool Party

Grant had a back to school party last Tuesday with some friends at Grandma's pool. They are cute fun kids and had a good time. They had pizza and watermelon and of course a boys vs. girls water fight.

Before the girls arrive a couple of Grants friends we a little crazy jumping off the diving board in the same tube. It was fun to see that they were still silly kids.

Cousins visit

What a cute bunch of kids. Klint and Betsy came down for a visit on both sides of their family. On Friday we got the privilege of hanging out with them at Lagoon. The park was packed, but the lines weren't too bad. I got to hang out in Kiddie land with the little cousins, I haven't been in that part forever. It was fun to watch them get so excited to ride the rides.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Baptisms for the Dead

Yesterday we met up with Amy and Christy and took our kids to the Bountiful Temple to do baptisms for the opening of the Kiev Temple in a couple weeks. It went really well and then everyone stopped over for some banana spits/ice cream sundays after ward.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

boating with friends

So Thursday we went boating with friends, one who has also adopted from the Ukraine. Her older girl gets along well with Tanya and it's been good for Tanya to have a friend. So Tanya saw Lena get up and water ski so she wanted to try. She popped right up the first time and of course I didn't get a picture. The next time this is what happened and so she didn't want to go again.

Morgan then tried and never quite got out of the water.
Victor and Ethan were riding in the boat and were freezing, even though it was a beautiful sunny day and they hadn't even gotten wet yet, my poor boys! Actually Ana and Victor get cold really easy. Victor has worn long sleeved shirts almost all summer long. They still eat a lot, but have gotten taller and so I don't think they have any fat on their bones to keep them warm.

Ana gave skiing a try. She also popped right up, but stayed crouched almost the entire time. She didn't want to let go of the rope so we just stopped when she started to look tired. She was hilarious to watch and so determined to do anything anyone else does.

Mary had some chocolate that was melting so she gave it to these two messy eaters! How do you get chocolate above your eyebrow?
Then the knee board came out

Victor loved riding in and out of the wake, Morgan liked it straight and mellow.

Lena wasn't going to be out done by a boy and headed right out of the wake when she got on the knee board.

Every time we stopped kids had to jump out and swim around in the lake.

Ethan and Ana both got to drive the boat pulling the kids on the banana.

swimming into shore for lunch

Our pet otter eating Victors lunch
Kids feeding the catfish that joined us for lunch

Banana time

It was a beautiful sunny day and I didn't put sun screen on my face and got fried.
After swimming for a bit Amy and Mary decided the kids needed a good ole game of king of the banana!

Grant getting it, don't mess with Amy