Sunday, February 21, 2010

pics from phone

So I just uploaded pictures from my phone and here are a few other happenings in the lives of the Kellers in February. We took the kids to see Woods Cross High Schools production of 7 Brides for 7 Brothers. We have a couple neighbors who were in it, who did a fabulous job! The kids all loved it. A handful of questions, but that is the norm any more around here.

Some random basket ball, jump shot, picture... Thanks to our tutor on Thursdays I get to go watch Grant play basket ball. It has been a lot of fun. His team plays every Tuesday and Thursday with practices Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. It keeps him super, super busy. He also ski's with the school on Wednesdays from noon to 5 pm.
Speaking of skiing, Victor, Morgan and Ethan had their last ski lessons a couple saturdays ago. Troy has been taking them up since I injured my knee. They have really enjoyed skiing and we'll see if we do it again next year. Tanya picked gymnastics to participate in this year and Ana is in ballet, Victor picked skiing. Now he wants to sign up for football. We'll see where that goes.

Here are Ana and Ethan before we headed home from St. George last Monday. This is their lizard hunting gear. A stick and a cone. They found many a lizard in the rocks at the park, even pulled a few tails off, but never got closer than that to catching one. Somewhere in the next picture there is a lizard...

The other kids and Troy spent their last minutes of sunshine playing basket ball. Tanya learning to play with the girls at church right now and has been wanting more practice time, but the sport court is still frozen over at home.

Grant Basket Ball

I know Grant misses the shot in this play but he had two more like it in the game where he made the baskets. He's such a better player this year, still holds back at times and is working on being more aggressive putting shots up and getting rebounds. But being on the school team has really pushed him. If fact the entire teams is playing so well together and they really look like a team.

The bike video is after he went through, got stuck in, some mud.

St. George Trip

For President's Weekend we headed down to sunny St. George. Traffic was a bear leaving Salt Lake at 5 pm on Friday and it took us an extra hour to get to the Southern most corner of the state!
We got up Saturday morning and everyone headed out on a bike ride. I tore my mcl in December skiing and so I was unsure if I could ride. But that sunshine just was too tempting so Grant hung around while got my knee brace on and tested out my parents bikes to see if I could get around. Once we got the bike seat the right height we headed out.
We thought everyone was heading to the park, but we couldn't find them so we road around and then Grant called Troy and we met up. The pics of Grant are before the mud and after the mud. Then the pictures of us finding the rest of the gang. Please don't pay attention to the ill fitting helmets, it's a battle just to get them on their little heads.

We all made it to the part and the kids played some tag on the play ground.

We then took the boys to the mall and got hair cuts. Victor wanted to go really short, I think it looks really good on him and makes him look like he really might be 12 years old.

The kids in front of my parents place in St. George. My sister came down so we could hit some of the homes in the Parade of Homes, so her Grayce and Mason and in the pics too.

The next day Tricia and I toured some homes and Troy took all the kids for a hike in Snow Canyon. It sounded like quite the adventure. Here they walked up to look at the Pioneer graffiti.

The petrified sand dunes were the hit of the day. Troy just turned them all loose. They only had a couple incidents during the day. Tanya got up on a rock and had a little panic attack and couldn't get down and it took a bit to coax her back down. After that she was fine. When she told me about it she said she stood and cried. Which I hate to say in some ways was good, because she is starting to express more of her emotions and cry and talk about them.
The other incident was Ana jumping over a crevis, I guess it scared Victor and Troy pretty good. When she told me about it she said it was a lot of fun. I told her dad was afraid she wouldn't make it to the other side and get really hurt and she laughed and said Ana never get hurt. So there is some of the FAS showing through. She just doesn't know how to stop or really what is appropriate or safe/dangerous.

Are we getting tired?

Love Ana's outfits she puts together. Thank goodness for uniforms at school or we'd have more battles to fight.

Here was a cool arch they found to climb up too.

This was the fossil they found in the rocks. They would have brought it home except when they drove into the park the person in the booth said no taking rocks out of the park. It was probably a good thing or everyone of them would have had pockets full of the round marble like rocks that are formed from the wind blowing them around the canyon.

This was their last hike to the White Rock Ampitheater.

We met up for lunch at In and Out Burger and then headed over to see the temple grounds. The kids really liked watching the little movies where kids answer different questions about the church and gospel at the Visitors Center on the temple grounds.

Sorry Tricia we didn't get a picture with you in it or of you and your kids. What were we thinking.

Morgan organized everyone on the steps so we could get a picture on the steps of the St. George Temple.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

9 months

Last Tuesday was 9 months since we arrived home with Tanya, Victor and Ana from the Ukraine. It has been a roller coaster ride. These were pictures we had done and the Family pictures were ones we sent out with our Christmas cards, sorry I didn't get them posted with our update for Christmas.

Aly and Marcie come for a visit

Aly and Marcie came out for Aly to audition for the BYU music program. So lucky for us we got to see them a couple of times! And from our end of the piano Aly played wonderfully! She really is talented with her music. So as Marcie and I opted out of the photo here we have: (back to front) Grant (black sweater), next row: Ethan, Victor (face just poking through), Whitney and Tanya. Next row: Morgan in blue hat, Aly holding Alysa and Ana hiding in her hair. What a gang. Brady and his girls came over to eat dinner and say hi to everyone. Aly was a sport and played mario with the kids on the wii. She then played uno and sorry with Tanya.

These are the yummy cup cakes that they brought for dessert. Very tasty.

Now here we have a shrunken version of Troy. If he were in "Honey, I shrunk the kids" this could have been what he looked like. Ana came into the family room the other day in all of Troys clothes. What a character she is, always into something. At least this didn't involve tape, glue, carpet or markers. Our funny girl. For perspecitive, those shorts hit Troy mid thigh...