Sunday, August 31, 2008

Ethan went with me on a Priests overnighter last weekend to Pyramid Lake in the Uintas. This is a picture of one of the freshly caught brook trout we grilled over the fire on a stick. The taste was not bad at all, though it had very little actual meat on its skinny fish bones. We also hiked a little and stayed up very late chatting around the fire. We had the place to ourselves as the road is a bear to come up on, basically an old stream bed. Some of the Priests got out and walked at times rather than suffer through the bouncing and jostling of the vehicles.

This picture is one of our Priests (Eric Pande) fishing out in the lake. No, he's not wearing any waders or even any shoes of any kind. He emerged more or less unscathed.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Finished Product

Ta-da.  This is our fun new playhouse.  The kids have already moved bean bag chairs, a small table and chairs and some hooks and shelves into the playhouse.  Morgan would like to put all of her dolls in there, but that was vetoed. We went with straight trim and brown stain to make it boy friendly (at Troy's request) and Morgan settled on a sky blue color inside to please boys and girls a like.  Now they are asking to sleep out in it... we'll see.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Back to School

What adorable kids!  They were up, fed, dressed and ready to go as I rolled out of bed Wednesday morning.  All three of them are so excited to get back onto a schedule and see their friends.  I'm sure in a month I'll be hearing their cries of how unfair their teachers are for giving them tons and tons of homework.  As for right now they have the best and coolest teachers ever and just love the socializing that school allows them.  Oh, me... I'm going back to school too.  I start next week with pottery 101.  4 sweet hours of muddy mess that is not in my own home and best of all, no homework.  

One Last Trip to Bear Lake

We had friends going up to Bear Lake last weekend and so we thought we'd join them.  We did get to see Grandma and Grandpa Keller for a day.  They came down to visit with Aunt Beth and family.  We then left them and Troy (so he could teach YM and travel to Texas for work).  So we swam...

played at the park (this is Ethan and Ethan, through their friendship we became friends with their entire family).

Mini golfed...

and played at the beach...

We got back Tuesday and stopped at mom's to pick up Percy and she was in the pool.  So we ended up in swim suits and swimming the afternoon with Grandma Tingey.  We finally made it home and I started laundry.  When I came up stairs the kids had all pulled out their back packs and dockets and had gone through all the old papers and thrown tons of stuff away.  They got their lunches ready and had even laid out their uniforms for the next day.  They were so excited for school to start!  

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Lagoon Again?

So we ran into the Whipple's at Lagoon Thursday and decided to hang out with them again, at Lagoon, on Friday.  Fun, Fun and more Fun.  
"You're going down".  Love the Bumper cars.
More, more, more Tilt-A-Whirl.
I've tried to get Morgan on the Fire Dragon or Wicked all summer and she didn't want to, but as soon as a friend asks her, she goes!  Ethan and friend are in the 2nd seat, Morgan and friend are in 3rd seat and Grant and Mike are in the 4th seat.  What a ride.
Morgan seemed to enjoy the ride.
Boy's getting ready to fly high on the swings.
More Rattle Snake Rapids?  Before and After, again.
It doesn't look like much water, but I was once again soaked from head to toe!  About lost my levi shorts, they were so heavy with water.  Ha, ha, ha.

Lagoon a Beach

We were heading to Lagoon a Beach today and we thought we'd ride Rattle Snake Rapids before going to the water park.  Everyone we ever see coming from the ride is soaking wet!  So here we have a before and after of the ride.  I think since I wasn't in a swim suit I was the one who got soaked.

Then we spent the day getting wet and drying off at Lagoon's beach... lots of fun rides and a lazy river.  But the water is so, so cold.  

The Playhouse

Yeah!  The playhouse was finished on Wednesday... well, almost.  Next week I'll be staining and painting it!  But it is cool and the kids totally love it.  If you want to check out other cool playhouses the company name is woodmanor play houses.

Monday, August 11, 2008

No more braces

BEFORE (Sept 2007)
AFTER (August 2008)
Morgan got her braces taken off today, HORRAY! And doesn't she look BEAUTIFUL!  A very exciting day.  We go on Wednesday to pick up her retainer, that she will only have to wear at night, Yeah.  They gave her a bunch of balloons and a bag of all the types of candy she wasn't able to eat for the past year.  I think that was over the top, just getting the braces off was plenty of reward.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Morgan's Poem to Grandpa

Here is a poem I wrote for Grandpa's birthday:

Guess who lives in Nampa
The one and only Grandpa

And don't forget Cappy
She makes you very happy

And I can't forget the grandma that you love
She fits you like a hand in a glove

I hope you had a very happy birthday
And if you didn't--I love you anyway

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Week in review

Preston returned home with us from the Keller Family Reunion, to hang out for a week.  Monday, (Preston was a really good sport and helped the kids with their morning jobs) after the kids did some weeding and work around the house we blew up the water slide.  Everyone cooled off in the freezing water.
Tuesday, we cleaned out the car (it was a mess after that long trip to Idaho and back).  Good thing Lagoon doesn't open until 11 am during the week.  We picked up Whitney and headed to Lagoon for a day of fun.  It was the least crowded day we have been this summer.  Anyone planning on going, Tuesday was great.  We rode every ride we wanted to, except the new OdySea ride was closed.   Ethan even rode the Colossus with his mom!  All the kids rode the White Roller Coaster and loved it, first time for all the kids.  The new Wicked roller coaster is what you see in the background, it is my new favorite ride. I think Preston felt the same way.

Wednesday, I went to lunch with some neighbor ladies, yummy.  Then Grant and Morgan had eye appointments.  Morgan is a little far sighted, but not in need of glasses just yet.  Although, she was the one begging for a pair and trying on all of the pink, purple and blue glasses in the store.  Grant is near sighted, like his father, and got a pair of glasses just so he can read the chalk board when he is in the back of a class room.  Hopefully he'll wear them, Troy never did.  

Thursday, we hung around the house.  Morgan had piano in the morning and Carlin had activity days in the afternoon.  Later we did run to three stores looking for an addition to the HeroScape game Grant and Preston have been playing all week.  Yeah, we found one, not the one Grant wanted, but it worked.
Friday we tried to go with friends to hike Timpanogos Cave before school started.  The skies were cloudy, but sunny and we thought it would all go well.  As soon as we got over Point of the Mountain the clouds turned grey and it started raining.  The closer we got to the canyon the more rain came down.  We decided it would be to wet to go through the cave soaking wet, so we thought we'd try the Dino museum at Thanks Giving Point, but it didn't open until 10 am.  We headed home to hike in our own back yard, up to Ensign Peak, but as we got closer to SLC the rains began again.  We took a picture and turned for home to hang out and watch movies.  Later Grant and Morgan went swimming with the Wilson's, Blake and Grant will be going to different Jr. High's this year.  Kim and Sheree picked up Preston and an hour later Troy got home from D.C., just in time to go see a movie with his little bro. Brady.  Troy had also told the kids they could sleep out on the deck... so we had one more night of the kids not getting to sleep before 11 pm.   

Lucky for us our week wasn't over yet.  Saturday we headed down to Provo to the Rulan Morgan Keller family reunion.  I actually knew a couple people and we met most of or all of Aunt Beth's family.  MarRue, her children and a cousin dressed up and read histories of some of the Keller ancestors.  They did a good job.  There were lots of crafts and games for the kids.  We found another family, Sherrie Diener's, that loves to play Settlers too.   Their son Jon, in the pic, is Grant's age and they hit it off right away.  There was a lot of really good food, although not as many people there as they had planned.  Aunt Marco is in the hospital in Idaho and her family was with her, and two other relatives had passed on and funerals were being held in St. George, UT and Prestson, Id.  I'll post all the pics on the family page and Keller family you can see who you recognize.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Keller Family Reunion at McCall

Ruger almost drowning (not a highlight), but he just loved the water (only with out a floating device)
Troy chilling with the only niece/nephew that isn't afraid of him, your awesome Suzie... granted she does think he is Klint.
Turning Kate into a sand mermaid
Jumping off the dock and swimming to the beach
making crafts with Aunt Tiffy
Catching minnows at Payette Lake
Riding in the boat with Troy's beautiful wife 
Riding the taco
Falling off the taco
Trying to drown McCall at the pool

As you can see we had a great trip up to McCall this year.  It's sad that the cousins are all growing up, but it makes for a pleasant vacation.  Less arguing and chasing going on, so more visiting among the moms and dads.  Grandpa, as usual, made tons of food for the tons of people who showed up.  This year we even had a family picture taken and for the most part everyone was smiling with their eyes open and they turned out great.  Grant was kneeling for a little to long and passed out, but he got through it like a champ.  
Our only scare this year was Ruger doing the dead mans float in the pool.  Grant had been sitting by Ruger, because I kept telling Tiff to let him play in the water, but Grant swam away because Ruger was throwing the foot ball to the boys swimming in the water.  Ruger threw the ball and then he kept falling forward, face first into the water (it was one of those slow motion moments).  I yelled for Grant, but he was throwing the ball to Calvin.  So I threw my camera at Klint and jumped, not very gracefully, into the pool and grabbed Ruger.  He took a couple deep breathes, coughed a little and was just fine.  I don't think he even knew what happened... sorry Tiff.
Other than that... it was great all the cousins got a long well.  Everyone in our condo (well at least my family) played hard and slept well.  Thanks Kellers and Brett and Marcie for having a condo in such a great location, with all the toys to go with it.  Makes for a fun family reunion.

Morgan's Birthday

Morgan passed up a big birthday bash for a Nintendo DS this year.  So we gathered at my mom's house for a swim party with family.  Thanks to Tricia and Justin, and Brady and Jamie for showing up we had a pretty good time.  The kids swam, we had an ice cream cake and after the sun went down we lit the rest of grandpa's fire works.  Happy Birthday Morgan.  Love you!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

High School Reunion

Twenty years. Yikes!

Here were some of the the things people said to me:

"You haven't changed a bit!" (It was a bit dark in the room, true, but it was said enough times I'll still take it for what I can)

"Troy Keller? Sorry, your name doesn't ring a bell." (Ouch--I wasn't the most popular, but I did think people generally knew me..)

"I know our paths didn't cross a lot in High School, but I love you man." (This fellow had quite a few under his belt by this time)

"Your wife is beautiful." (This was said a couple times after I pointed her out from across the room. I didn't tell Carlin this because I didn't want it to go to her head.)

It was of course a lot of fun to see people. The best part was catching up with some close friends I hadn't had time to chat with in a while, like Pat McDaniels, John Karren, Greg Jones and Mike Whipple. A lot of other folks whom I like a lot but hadn't seen in the full 20 years were another highlight. I even got to know a few people I hadn't known all that well in High School, so an added bonus. It was a lot of socializing for someone like me, but it was great and I'm glad we went. Carlin even had a good time, mostly talking with DaNell (wife of Greg Jones) whom she knew from BYU days. We stayed to the bitter end, though I confess that was largely due to having agreed to give John a ride home, and he is on a level of sociality that I couldn't hit standing on a ladder. Oh, the best/worst part was the slide show displaying photos of people and what they've been up to. Not a lot of people contributed, but Carlin had sent several of me fishing or on business trips or with the kids, and they included basically all of them! So most of the night, if I glanced up there was a good chance of seeing my mug up there.